6 stereotypes about beauty that need to be broken

From the Barbie doll you owned when you were a kid to the models you see strutting down the ramp at a fashion show, you are exposed to very restrictive beauty standards. It is so deep-seated in our minds that we feel disappointed when we do not look as toned as our favorite movie star. The set definition of beauty is unfair and can affect a person’s self-image. So it’s time to celebrate your singularity and break these beauty stereotypes one by one.

Beauty means slim. Seriously?

We do not have to starve ourselves to death to look beautiful. Stay healthy and be happy, be beautiful!

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Bright lipstick is a big no-no if you are over 40

Flaunt the brightest lip shades to announce that you don’t care.

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Short hair, don’t care!

Sometimes, even hair stylists advise us against chopping our hair off. But hey, if you feel like going short, follow your instincts.


When someone suggests you drop those glasses to look beautiful

We know how it feels when someone suggests you use lenses instead of spectacles. I’m going to wear my nerd all I want!

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When someone tries to suggest you have gotten tanned

Just flip your hair and say hell yeah!

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When you are asked to stick to muted colors because you are dusky

This is exactly the way we would react too. Why should we stay away from bright color because we are dusky? In fact we love how these colours pop on us.

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written by on Jun 13, 2018


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