6 Ways To Wear Denim In The Summers

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 26, 2018
6 ways to wear denim in the summers
The mere thought of wearing denim in the summer season can make us feel icky. While most of you feel like ditching denims in the summer because of the fabric’s ability to stifle you, some of us are too loyal to just give up on them. If you belong to the latter clan, we’ve put together 6 ways to wear denim in this scorching heat and still be breezy AF.


Choose flared skirts

Choose denim vests to layer them over your sundresses or tank tops for an easy-breezy summery look ‘coz let’s be honest, thick, chunky denim jackets may work in the winters but for summers? They’re a complete no-no.


Denim dresses

Choose flared skirts

A spaghetti denim dress will never fail to make a statement. Alternatively, you can also opt for off shoulder/cold shoulder dresses—look out for the fabric used in these dresses that’s comparative thinner (also called chambray fabric) so the outfit stays as breathable and breezy as any other summer outfit. Alternatively, you can also use the chambray shirts as tie-arounds over your breathable dresses.


Ill-fitted overalls

Choose flared skirts

You can also opt for loose, ill-fitted overalls like jumpsuits and dungarees for a more comfortable approach towards wearing denim in the summers. The silhouette is relaxed and far from body-hugging which will ensure you don’t feel hot!


Denim bottoms

Choose flared skirts

If denim jeans are your ride or die wardrobe staple and yet, wearing them in the summer gets uncomfortable AF, opt for loose silhouettes like flared, wide-legged or even culottes.


Choose whites

Choose flared skirts

We’re all aware of the golden rule of summer dressing—choose light colours so that they absorb less heat and make you feel breezy and cool! Follow this rule and pair your denim tops/shirts with white bottoms to get your summer style game on point. Opt for boxy tops and oversized shirts.


Choose flared skirts

Choose flared skirts

Fun and girly, flared denim skirts are hands down our favourite way of wearing denim in the summers. Shorts are great too, but we love skirts better. Pair yours with a loose white top or a crisp shirt for an easy-breezy summer look!

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