Eye shadows are our absolute favourite. They’re versatile and can take any makeup look from drab to fab within minutes. And while many of us don’t really go beyond warm, neutral eyes and smokey eyes, there are people around the world who just don’t do basic. After mismatched earrings hit the fashion circuit and became unexpectedly huge, it’s now time for the mismatched eye shadows to take over the beauty world.
try this mismatched eye shadow trend

Brace yourselves, ladies! Because you’re in for a beauty treat–the mismatched eye shadow trend! This trend is essentially going two-toned instead of one. So, assemble all your eye shadow palettes on your dressing table and get experimenting!

Things to remember…

Things to remember…

Use two colours that work well

And by that, we don’t mean colours that blend well. The idea is to use two colours that are capable of drawing attention to both the eyes. Think about it–you wouldn’t use bright green eye shadow on one eye and a warm brown on another, would you? If you’re using bright, let both colours be bright like the bright blues, pinks and purples (we love the colours from the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette in Royal Persia.) If you wish to use darker, earthy tones, make sure both are earthy but distinctively different.

Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone

If you’ve chosen to sport this trend, don’t try and stay within your comfort zone by trying to neutralize the colours. Keep the colours as they are and experiment with shadows. Black eye shadow always works! You can add some in the outer corner of your eye for some dimension. You can also bring out your inner artist and indulge in some experimental graphic mismatched liner/ eye shadow escapades.


If you’re opting for metallic eye shadow, remember that jewel tones work best with Indian skin tones. Don’t opt for your usual golds and silvers because this trend is all about using variants of colour.

Where can I wear this?

Yeah, we know this trend doesn’t go with the whole ‘easy, daily wear’ vibe, but guess what? It’s not even supposed to! You could rock this trend on occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, birthdays and other soirées! If you’re opting for darker tones, you could even sport this trend with an ethnic outfit for a wedding cocktail party!

Don’t be afraid to try something new guys! As long as you’re confident, you can pull anything off! Just like this mismatched eye shadow trend. So, are you going to try it?

Image credits: intothegloss.com, vogue.me, youtube.com