A new life chapter calls for celebration, especially when it marks the union of two soulmates. Post lockdown, there seems to be a renewed flamboyance with which weddings are being celebrated. Amidst these larger-than-life events, it’s the bride that catches all eyes. Her outfit, makeup and mehendi do the talking while everything else rests as a backdrop.  

Taking center stage on social media are some of our onscreen idols, whether it’s the oh-so stunning Katrina Kaif, the inspiring boss woman, Priyanka Chopra or the understated and elegant, Anushka Sharma. To break up the magic behind their flawless faces, straight from the first cream swipe to the last eyeshadow dab, we’ve created a list of 6 recent Bollywood divas and everything you need to know to get their wedding day glow!  

So, what are you waiting for? Cut to chase with an empty cart, a full heart and prepare to unveil which celebrity bride you are!  



Bollywood Brides: Makeup Looks 

  1. The au natural bride: Alia Bhatt  

Well, less is more... 

Taking the internet by storm, this youthful trailblazer etched an indelible mark with her plush bridal makeup look. Embracing the mantras of minimalism, Alia Bhatt’s marriage makeup was the perfect blend of all the right products in thoughtful quantities! Starting with basics, a long lasting base; Lakme’s 9-5 primer matte foundation is the secret potion for it artfully conceals and corrects any skin concerns. Topping its matte goodness with nude blush creates that sun-kissed spell (PS: a few pats on the nose and cheeks play into the aesthetic with ease.) To go for the soft lips splendour, a hydrating lip balm with a soft pink tint should be your go-to pout partner. A layer or two two will give that unmatched suppleness and hue. For the rest, a pigment mascara and waterproof kohl pencil (for the tears always stream down) should be in your essentials pouch.  



Bollywood Brides: Makeup Looks 

  1. The star of subtlety: Katrina Kaif  

We’d kept an eye out!  

Exuding sheer perfection, Kaif has always been one to break barriers and set the standards — and on her wedding day, she did it again! Complementing her ravishing Sabyasachi lehenga with an all-matte vibe, she had us all taking notes. To emulate her makeup’s brilliance, note that the key features are the brows and eyes! Once you’re done with an easy base, a light powdery blush, dark mascara twirls and kohl-laden glamour, turn the limelight on the ultimate look-lifter, your brows. Go in for the dark and darling strokes with Lakmé Absolute Micro Brow Perfector, renowned for its chiseled tip that allows for that compliment-worthy arch and zero need for touch-ups. Plus, its distinctive lead never disappoints. Align on point gorgeousness with a nude eyeshadow palette that’s home to many options! Light pink to beige, Lakmé’s Absolute Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette has got all those hues that mesmerizingly blend into each other! To get Katrina’s sunset-like eyeshadow fade or a snatched cat eye, rely on these no-fuss products. 

Don’t want to get searching for all the right TLC necessities? Not to worry, Lakmé brings to you everything at once! Their Bridal Glow Kit won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will also promise you that event-ready look.  



Bollywood Brides: Makeup Looks 

  1. The full bloom bride: Patralekha  

Dressed to conquer  

When colours are on your mind, head to Patralekha’s page for some vivacious inspiration. From colour pops to sharp eyeliner wings, this on-screen heartbeat ‘s mehendi face won many e-likes and IRL love. Doing her quirky Papa Don’t Preach attire justice with makeup that screams fun, she took home the prize with all the pink elements. It’s safe to say, she got the matching memo right.  

Bringing to the fore, a lovely pink blush, a rosy matte pout and the showstopper, glittery pink inner-eyeshadow — Partralekha turned heads as she twirled on her special day.  

To give all these products the spotlight, it’s no secret that she went in for a sturdy base! We suggest the Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Primer; apply this transparent layer before you create your glamazon look. Not only will this give you a dose of Vitamin E, but will also ensure your foundation is fixed for hours—making your skin kiss-proof and tear resistant! Further, to keep the shine ongoing, choose a lighter concealer under your eyes for that unparalleled radiance and to ensure those glittery corners get the limelight. Keep all this dazzling drama intact by sealing your makeup off with a generous spritz of setting spray. 



Bollywood Brides: Makeup Looks 

  1. That new-age lady: Rhea Kapoor  

Who plays safe anyway? 

This contemporary fashion mastermind isn’t afraid of the bold leaps, quite evidently and showcased that attitude on her wedding day as well. Going in for an unconventional net veil and chunky gold jewellery, she chose to experiment with the brown, black and gold pockets of her makeup trousseau. Keeping it all on fleek, Kapoor embraced that winged liner style. To rock this smooth upper eye swerve, opt for a glossy eyeliner and pair its luxe shine with XL false lashes; the dream team. 

Kapoor’s face echoed all things perfection — the best foundation; matte and creaseless, and right contour amped up with a splendid highlighter. At the end of it, when the flash hits, who doesn’t want that 70s’ movie star shot? Keeping the lips basic and light, we still detected a tinge of #fab brought to life with a darker lip liner. Lakmé Absolute 3D Lip Definer is stellar choice, available in a variety of hues.



Bollywood Brides: Makeup Looks 

  1. Let’s talk traditional: Yami Gautam  

She is serving… 

Resembling nothing but royalty, Gautam outdid herself on her wedding day with makeup that earned loads of praise. Intersecting at the confluence of lavishness and minimalism, this Bollywood babe found the perfect balance—like she always does! Yami went with the ultimate head-turner, a deep red matte lipstick that seamlessly matched her dress! She also accompanied its delight with a matching red bindi (can this ever go wrong?) — and few other products that further highlighted her enchanting features. 

When you’re gleaming with joy as you embark upon a new journey, amplify your flushed cheeks with a soft Barbie doll blush. Strategically dab the powder to win the two-in-one benefit; fuller cheeks and a sharper face shape. To get the definition ball rolling, a great contouring kit, a curling mascara wand and eyebrow gel set will have you taking the Yami route — and it’s scenic. Outline your peepers with a dense kohl stick. To manifest that steamy effect, rub the liner outwards and get that black trail. Club these products together and you’re in for a scrumptious (or yami) makeup treat!