If you know what a tie-dye, negative space or cowgirl manicure is, then you’ve definitely done your manicure research. But while you may flaunt your fancy acrylic nails, the challenge is getting them to grow long and healthy without breaking or chipping along the way. 

Constant use of polish, gel and acrylics as well as habits like biting and skipping a base coat can sometimes be the reason behind the poor health of your nails. And unhealthy nails = slow growth. 

To grow your nails faster, here are the habits you need to follow. 

Well, having long and strong nails is no more a dream! If you have dry, brittle nails, and are looking for ways on how to grow nails faster at home, look no further! Read on to know how to grow nails faster and stronger. 

How to make nails grow faster

  1. Maintain your cuticles 

If you’re someone who picks or trims their cuticles all the time, then you’re doing your nails more harm than good. Cuticles lock in hydration and keep infections at bay. They act as a barrier that prevents bacteria from entering your nails. Cutting or manipulating your cuticles can infect or irritate your nail. Therefore, the best thing to do is each time you file or buff your nails, grab a cuticle pusher and gently push the cuticles back. 


  1. Moisturise and hydrate 

Applying moisturiser after washing your face is a regular part of your skincare routine. But I bet you don’t do the same for your hands. Most of us forget to apply any lotion after washing our hands during the day. This in turn makes the skin on our fingers and around the nails drier. As a result, nail growth is slower. Hydrated and moisturised nails and cuticles promote healthy nail growth. So, massage your nails with a cuticle moisturiser or oil every night before hitting the sack. 


  1. Wear a base coat 

This is one step most of us forget when we’re doing a DIY manicure at home. We often forget to wear a base coat and top coat and just go in with the nail polish. Tsk tsk! 

It’s okay to give your nails a break from polish every now and then. In fact, it is the best practice to follow, especially when you are a manicure buff. However, what you should do is always wear a base coat as it can prevent your nails from peeling and becoming weak or brittle. 

filing nails

  1. Filing strategically is key 

Whoever thought nail filing was a mindless task didn’t know the consequences of filing improperly. When you saw the file back and forth, you’re creating too much friction, which in turn leaves you with frayed edges that snag and catch easily. The correct way to file is to start on the outside edge and pull toward the centre, and continue to swipe gently across your nail in that direction. This method of filing can actually leave you with stronger and healthier nails. Now you know. 

  1. Practice proper grooming habits 

Pampering your nails with some TLC and following the right nail care habits will help your nails grow faster. Just like you trim your hair for healthy and speedy growth, you need to trim your nails regularly too to avoid unnecessary breakage and damage to your nails. Also, file your nails, apply a base coat before applying nail paint and notice your nails grow super-fast. 

hand cream

  1. Use a hand care cream 

Keeping your nails moisturised and treating them with the right ingredients and vitamins is the key to growing your nails faster and reducing breakage. 

Drying agents like hand wash, soaps, dishwashers and environmental aggressors make your nails dry and prone to breakage. Use a hand cream that promises proper nail care like the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand Stronger Nails Hand Cream which has petroleum jelly in it that helps strengthen your nails and keeps them moisturised, inducing healthy growth.

  1. Lemon to the rescue 

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C which boosts growth and makes your nails stronger. Rubbing half a lemon on your nails daily keeps them from breaking, chipping and splitting and also whitens yellow nails. Cut a lemon in half, pour some olive oil on it and rub it on your nails for about 10 minutes every day. Wash off and moisturise.