Katrina Kaif Is All Sorts Of Goals In This Picture

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarJul 19, 2024
Katrina Kaif is all sorts of goals in this picture

The lady has killer dance moves and she uses every opportunity to prove to us yet again how fit she is. Washboard abs and those fit arms and legs like Katrina Kaif’s weren’t made overnight. Anyone who has set herself fitness goals knows how real the struggle is. We have been getting her pictures from the ongoing Dabangg World Tour and can’t take our eyes off the lady.
A recent picture of Katrina by Tarun Vishwa has gone viral. It’s a black and white picture which has captured the actor striking a dance pose. It’s beguilingly simple but those sculpted arms and abs command attention. So, we take a dive into the actor’s world and see what makes her tick.


Core values

Attitude matters

Katrina is known to do Pilates which tones up the core that includes muscles around the trunk and pelvis. She also includes cardio, TRX, Bosu, kettlebells and medicine balls in her work outs.


Consistency is key

Attitude matters

Stick to a workout that you enjoy. Chances of maintaining a regular routine are higher when you enjoy what you do. Figure out what you strengths and weaknesses are so you know what works for you and your body type.


Switch it up

Attitude matters

Challenge your body by planning different routines. If you keep doing the same exercise routine for a long time, your body gets used to it and you will hit a plateau with building muscle.


Eat smart

Attitude matters

Include proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fibre in your daily food intake. Crash diets do not work as they are short term. Eating healthy has to be a lifestyle change and it is ok to indulge in your favourite foods once in a while.


Attitude matters

Attitude matters

Stay positive and motivated because there will be times when you fall out of your routine and it will seem difficult to get back to your fitness goals. Cut yourself some slack and ease your way back into your routine, one step at a time and attack those targets you have set for yourself
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