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Shweta Tripathi Sharma reveals her beauty secrets
“Don’t let anybody tell you that you’d look better with a different skin tone!”
Candid beauty confessions from the one-and-only Shweta Tripathi Sharma...

You’ve seen her as a teenager with alopecia in Gone Kesh and as a schoolgirl, romancing her much-older teacher in Haraamkhor; Be Beautiful’s October 2020 cover star, Shweta Tripathi Sharma has played some of the most unconventional roles on the big and small screen. The young face of Indian cinema, Shweta has made her mark as a talented actress and continues to win the hearts of millions with every new role.

Just like her acting, without trying too hard, Shweta’s beauty game is on point too. She prefers wearing little to no makeup on sets and in real life. She’s a hoarder of raw, natural ingredients and does not follow an elaborate skincare routine, yet manages to maintain a healthy glow. How we wondered, until Shweta spilled the beans.

BB: In terms of beauty, what’s the best and worst part about being an actor?

Shweta: The best part is you get to work with some really talented people; I enjoy creating different looks with my makeup artists and hairstylist. Pushing boundaries and experimenting with different looks based on the character requirements is always fun. However, getting feedback or criticism about your style and looks whether you like it or not is something every actor has to face. It is important to learn and grow and not let it affect you.

BB: Have your onscreen characters changed your perspective on beauty?

Shweta: Whenever I’m playing a character, I want to look like the character and not pretty or a certain way. For example in Haraamkhor, I did not wear a single makeup product, in fact I didn’t even do my eyebrows or upper lip because I wanted to look like a schoolgirl. Before doing Gone Kesh, I had no idea what alopecia was, but after playing the character and reading about it, I understood what kind of effect it can have on a person’s self esteem. So, yes, my characters have made me realise that we place too much importance on external beauty rather than internal.

BB: Beauty advice you swear by.

Shweta: Don’t conform to anybody else’s definition of beauty; be comfortable and confident with what you have. If you take criticism too seriously, you are harming yourself. People are always going to criticise you, I was told that I am too short and I have a husky voice, but I didn't let it get to me. My co-star Vicky Kaushal is 6 feet tall and so is my husband; my height has never stopped me from playing a role or made me feel like I lack something.

BB: What’s your daily skincare routine like?

Shweta: I have a very simple skincare routine, I avoid using face wash in the morning. In fact on a regular day, I wash my face only once. However, if I’m shooting or have makeup on, then I make sure I cleanse my skin well. Spritzing some rose water on my skin in the morning really helps, after that I apply a serum and follow it up with a tinted sunscreen. I avoid a heavy base as I believe in letting my skin breathe.

At night, after cleansing my face with a facial cleanser, I apply a night serum and follow it up with either avocado oil, almond oil or apricot oil since I have dry skin. I alternate between these three oils to lock the moisture in my skin. It is very important to understand your skin type and then pamper it.

I also like to apply a face mask at least once a week and have started using a jade roller at night (after seeing it on Be Beautiful’s YouTube channel); it makes my skin look and feel good.

BB: How do you maintain that healthy glow while you’re shooting?

Shweta: I follow the same routine as I normally do, but I prefer eating simple, home-cooked food like khichdi instead of packaged, fried or processed food as it really shows on your skin. Gut health is very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy glow, so focus on eating healthy food, staying positive and away from toxic food and environments.

BB: Your sister-in-law is a makeup artist. Have you stolen any secrets from her?

Shweta: There’s a bunch of things I’ve learned from her.
- Sanitising your makeup and brushes is very important, as they are a breeding ground for bacteria.
- Mascara is your best friend when your face looks dull or tired.
- Using lipstick as a blush is great! It adds a certain glow without the use of any highlighter.

BB: What are some tips you swear by when it comes to your short hair?

Shweta: If you have frizzy hair and you’ve just washed it, wrap a satin cloth around your head or sleep on a satin pillow cover to tame the frizz. Avoid washing your hair too frequently and find a good hairstylist. If you have a good hairstyle and colour, you don’t need to spend too much time on styling.

BB: A beauty sin you’d never commit?

Shweta: Skin lightening, whether it's skin lightening procedures or wearing foundation that’s too light. Your skin colour is yours, don't let anybody tell you that you'd look better with a different skin tone.

BB: A beauty lesson you’ve learned from your mom

Shweta: Face pack! My mom used to make an orange peel face pack that has really helped my dry skin. But I’d also want to add that just because it works for my skin does not mean it will work for yours. Understand the needs of your skin and do what works for you.

BB: Festive season is about to begin. Describe your go-to festive look.

Shweta: I ALWAYS want to look like me. Whether it’s the festive season or my wedding day, I have preferred my look to be as natural as possible. I’ll swipe on a nude lipstick, put on some mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and that’s about it.


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3 things on your night stand
Books, oils for my feet and water

3 words that best describe your fitness philosophy
Diet, water and sleep

Red lipstick or nude lipstick
Nude lipstick

Natural hair or coloured hair
Coloured hair

Mascara or eyeliner

Sheet mask or mud mask
Mud mask

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