Being the fashion addicts that we are, we’ve got it all pat down. From avoiding the horizontal stripes when we feel bloated to the back-up flats that are always in our bags when we’re strutting in stilettos; we think we know it all, but do we really? There is faux pas or two which manages to slyly slide into our personal everyday style so keep your eyes open to make sure you don’t commit any of these style sins and end up a fashion disaster.

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Sin #1 - Dressing inappropriately for the occasion

There’s a place for everything and everything has its place. And by everything, we mean clothes. You wouldn’t wear a pair of distressed jeans to a wedding, now would you? Dressing inappropriately is a fashion crime that you just don’t want to be caught committing so save your t-shirts for your coffee runs and bring out your lehenga when it’s wedding season.

Sin #2 - Choosing quantity over quality

It is a great feeling walking out of a store with your arms full of items you bought at a steal but is it greater than a designer bag? Quantity versus quality is one of the most important shopping debates and when the former wins over the latter, a sinful one as well. While buying large amounts of lesser quality items seems satisfying, it doesn’t last very long and gets dated quickly, rendering it useless. On the other hand, a high quality pair of shoes or luxury bags are often handcrafted with the best materials and have the tendency to last for years, even to be passed through generations. So when it’s battle-time of the former versus the latter, make sure to always be on team quality.

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Sins #3 - Being uncomfortable in what you are wearing

If we really had to introspect, we could pick out a few times when we’ve hard a difficult time balancing in a pair of heels or breathing in skinny jeans. A good sense of style emerges when you embrace being comfortable in the fashion choices you make. If it doesn’t fit, you can’t walk with it or it’s causing you discomfort, don’t wear it. Instead, opt for a comfortable fashion, which will  show confidence in your choices and behaviour.

Sins #4 - Blindly following trends

When the latest fashion trend arrives on the block, the rush of excitement and anticipation to take it for a spin is our natural reaction which has, sometimes, resulted in disastrous circumstances and  fashion mistakes. Very little good can come out of blindly following a trend and it’s in your best interest to know more about it. Do your research and see if it flatters your body type, your skin tone and your hair texture and once you are sure it does, then proceed.

Sin #5 - Wearing the wrong size

Ah, the things we do for the love of fashion! Sometimes, out of sheer laziness or a good price, we’ve bought clothing that is size too big or small and ended up with ill-fitted, unflattering item that has no use and takes up space. Therefore, before you even get into buying something, refer to the size chart of the brand and using a measure tape, find your size. Wearing the right fit of clothes can take your outfit up a notch and work it in ways you cannot even imagine!

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Sin #6 - Dressing without balance

Dressing up is a great part of the day but when it’s without a balanced look, you’ll end up in a distasteful silhouette that you would rather not be seen in. Even the most glamourous of celebrity stylists will let you in on one of the secrets of well dressed women which is, pairing pieces together that balance with other. Pair contrasting fits like a narrow fit with a flowing one or you can even go for all overall flowing look with the addition of heels. Whatever choice you take, know that a streamlined, pulled-together look is birthed from clothing that fits together like pieces of a puzzle.

Sin #7 - Showing up ungroomed

Whether you are heading to a business meeting, a sangeet or a movie date, having an ungroomed appearance is one of the greatest faux pas. The way you carry yourself speaks volumes about you without saying a word and turning up without grooming conveys the message of being untidy, disrespectful and careless. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wearing a fancy dress and bright lipstick is synonymous with being groomed. Just paying careful attention to your personal care and hygiene with something as simple as neat eyebrows, a spritz of perfume and a hair trim constitutes grooming; which is essential whether you are in a skater dress or a trackpants.

Image Credits: SCBeautyHigh, Polyvore