Agonising over what to wear and making sure you look your absolute best has become part of every woman’s daily routine. All the same, in our endeavour to strive to keep up with the current fashion trends while still opting for a silhouette that is most flattering, there might be times where we stray into ‘unacceptable’ territory.
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At your best friend’s wedding
While dressing for your best friend’s wedding, one of the biggest sins you can commit is to outdo the bride with your bling quotient. Traditionally, wedding-appropriate Indian attire tends to be fairly heavy with the sequins and bling. In such a scenario, it is advisable to keep your jewellery to a bare minimum.

There is a very fine line between choosing the appropriate necklace to complement your plain white shirt and going overboard with multiple items of jewellery in one look. If you are wearing a big statement piece then the rest of your look has to be left unaccessorised. On the contrary, you can mix multiple delicate pieces like rings, bracelets and chains together if that’s your style. Loading everything on at once, no matter how pretty will spell suicide for your look.

Mind your lingerie
As a general rule of thumb, irrespective of what you are wear, it is absolutely imperative that you do not display your lingerie. Visible undergarments in the form of showcased bra straps, inappropriately coloured undergarments that shine through your attire, scooped necklines that leave nothing to one’s imagination or even a visible panty line, are all fatal mistakes for everyday dressing.

Too loose, too tight?
The final sartorial sin that each of us should solemnly swear to consciously avoid making is associated with ill-fitting clothes. There are some of us who make the error of wearing clothes that are far too tight while some of us sit at the other end of the spectrum with clothes that are baggy and far too loose. Irrespective of this, ill-fitting clothes are extremely unflattering and make you look un-kept. Shop for sizes that are complementary to your silhouette and flaunt those curves with abandon!