While a polished and refined look is easy to appreciate--it’s really the details that tie it all together. Today, we're equipping you with the who, where and what, that’ll harness your look with the necessary finishing touches. Bringing to the surface, are five quintessentially unique ways to get your look on-point with a versatile accessory: the coveted belt.

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The foolproof way to to add a clincher to your look is by harnessing your waist with a wide belt over an A –line skirt. Remember, that wide belts tend to make you look shorter than you are, so make sure your outfit is monotone as this will lengthen your frame.

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Layering up ain’t a job for the faint-hearted; it’s tricky business, we’ll tell you that. But the secret to the trend comes in the form of a thin black studded belt. Tie together your layers with the accessory and twist from the centre forming a pattern to add some drama to your layers.

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To make your outfit appear instantly chic, double up on accessories with a scarf and a belt. Pick contrasting hues, like a brown belt and a blue scarf or a pink belt and an orange scarf and wear it on an LWD for an unexpectedly arresting day look.

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Classics are no-fail and this ensemble is proof. A gold belt is the most trusted accessory and when worn over a formal dress it can uplift the drabbest of looks. Let it enjoy all the attention by keeping other accessories muted and at bay.

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Matching your shoes and belt is the classiest way to don some street style swag. Pick rich brown for an outfit that is sophisticated and classy at the same time.

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