The sales have almost begun and while that means a new wardrobe, it also implies the possibility of burning a hole in your pocket. We don’t blame you if you go a little out of control during the sales. You’ve waited for those perfect pink shoes to come down in price for a month, after all. But invariably, we end up purchasing more than we aimed for. The result? A bunch of unnecessary shopping and a broke you. But there’s a smarter way to shop if you actually pay attention to your shopping habits during sales. Wondering what they are? Here’s a low-down on how to shop smarter during the sales...

set a budget

  • Set a budget

    Yes, you’re so excited the minute you see sale, you can’t comprehend beyond that. If you’re a girl on a budget, emptying out your wallet by buying everything that catches your eye is not a wise move. Think before you get into that store—set a budget that is reasonable. And make sure you keep calculating as you drop things in that giant shopping bag. Oh, it’s totally not necessary to fill it up, give that bag some breathing space, girls!

buy what you need

  • Buy what you need

    You need a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt or that sports bra. These are wardrobe staples. But that overpriced metallic jacket is certainly not something on your ‘need’ radar. If there’s an occasion coming up and you’ve been eyeing it for a while, go ahead. But balance the monies out by opting for something inexpensive yet something you need with the next item you see.

quality over quantity

  • Quality over quantity

    Every time you open your wardrobe, your clothes fall out and invariably, they’re things you don’t need. This is a clear indication that you’ve been choosing quantity over quality. Just because a store has flat 70% off, doesn’t mean you buy everything you see. You might end up realising how the fabric is too flimsy or not weather friendly at all and eventually, it’s going to be such a waste of money.

buy what fits you

  • Buy what fits you

    You really want to buy that LBD but it hardly looks flattering on you. It’s about three sizes smaller but you want to get it anyway hoping that you will spend an added 30 minutes at the gym. Nah! This is clearly impractical unless you’re already on a mission towards weight loss and have been noticing results. It’s best to invest in something that fits you now than having your wardrobe filled with things that don’t quite work for your body type.

build capsule wardrobe

  • Build a capsule wardrobe

    You always wanted that red fringe skirt and now it’s on sale. But do you see its true potential? Can you think of 5 ways to wear it? Get it! If you feel it’s too niche and can’t think of more than one occasion to wear it to, drop it (and try not to miss it).