Ever wondered how celebrities look super styled even when they’re off duty?  Well... apart from their hefty shopping budgets they have an innate sense of fashion that makes them appear shutter-ready no matter what. Here are a few of their go-to dressing guides...

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They’re pros at mixing prints

Whether it’s abstract, floral or animal print, they definitely know how to nail print on print. They always keep their clothes from the same colour family and mix prints that vary in size; for example, if they’re wearing an oversized floral print skirt they will do their pairing with a tiny polka dot blouse. Accessories will always be kept neutral in such cases.

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They believe in mixing basics with trends

Celebrities who always get it right make a point to mix basic pieces with trendy items. For example, distressed denim with a basic tank top and sneakers looks effortless and bang on trend.

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They play with lengths

They are the masters of playing with lengths. Low-high and asymmetry—no one else does better than them. The next time you opt for a mini skirt, combine it with a full sleeve or high neck blouse to balance out your outfit like a celeb.

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They wear white strategically

When they wear white, it’s not to blend in but to stand out. They consider the hue as pristine and wear various shades of it by mixing it with other neutral hues. So the next time you think of wearing your basic white tee or dress, create a subtle clash by combining it with grey or other shades of white in accessories or clothing.

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They make a statement with chic flats

Yes, celebs consider flats stylish. Whether it’s the airport or off-duty they love sneakers, pointed-toes, metallic and patent leather finishes on their feet and that’s how they seal their look. Need inspiration? See how Alexa Chung makes a sharp statement with her loafers.

All images are sourced from Pinterest.com