July and August bring with them heavy monsoons and even heavier shopping bags thanks to the Sales! While it’s perfectly okay to make the most of the Sale, the common mistake most people make is shopping for all the wrong things and stuffing their wardrobes with items they might hardly be able to wear often. Here are my quick tips on what and what not to shop for during the Sale season.

Get your hands on the basics

The things that you wear the most are often your tanks, basic tees, denims, flats and simple jewellery. Most of us tend to spend more on buying trendy items than spending on basics. This is the time to replace your worn out button-down shirt with a fresh one you just bought at a lesser price. This way, you aren’t spending too much and still getting the best quality at a reasonable price. The same goes for other things like jeans, totes and shoes.

Invest in statement pieces

Whether you are a minimalist or an OTT dresser, a statement piece defines your wardrobe and is a must-have in everyone’s closet. Look for chunky necklaces or dressy blazers that you can land at a fair price without denting your bank balance.

Know your trends

Don’t buy leg jewellery just because it’s on Sale and everyone else is buying it. Do some research before you shop. For example, ripped denim is here to stay; it’s on the charts for the upcoming winter season as well. Buy such pieces to stay trendy by shopping at a cheaper price.

Put together looks

Use your phone to the max. Download apps or just make an album on the kind of looks you’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Most of us are always looking for smart semi-casuals for work meetings or an outfit for those after work evenings with friends and family. Create looks on your phone and shop for something similar (if not the same) to milk the Sale to the max.

Here are a few of my favourites…

how to make most of the sale 430x453

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