Underwear—one of the most basic and inevitable items all of us own. Some of us go in for pretty looking lacy underwear whilst others prefer comfortable cotton ones. Though all these criteria are preference based, did you know that there are 5 basic types of underwear for different occasions? Here they are…

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Boy shorts

Inspired by their male equivalent—the boxers—these are rectangular in shape and run shortly over your thighs. Well-fitted boy shorts can help prevent panty lines under fitted clothes while being amazingly comfortable.

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These are the most common and comfortable kind of underwear. While they make panty lines inevitable and high waistbands show in low cut jeans, they are your best friends during that time of the month.

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Hip hugging panties are perfect for low waist pants. They sit right on your hips, two inches below your waist and are also quite popular because they have low cut leg holes.

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Bikini bottoms

These can be worn under everything as their wide leg holes reduce panty lines. Bikini bottoms should be worn 3 inches below the waist and coverage is much less compared to other designs.

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Every girl needs one of these! They provide minimum coverage and leave the butt uncovered with just a T-shaped fabric in the front connected to the waistband; hence there are no panty lines.

Enamored with this info?? Take a look at your panty collection and try the ones that you don’t have yet. You will be surprised by how good a sexy pair of underwear can make you feel!

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