Who doesn’t love cardi-weather? Especially and possibly only because it allows us to reinitiate the art of layering. With comfort and style in tow, longline cardigans are making a comeback. Check out our detailed guide below that will help you layer like a pro.

longline cardigans 430x550

Play with lengths

We love the whole idea of contrast in lengths. When worn with a pair of short-shorts it bubbles up some drama and makes your outfit instantly street style chic. Mix up colours and patterns or combine two plain solid hues to lengthen your frame.

longline cardigans fashion trend 430x550

A little fun with crop tops

Wide hips giving you the blues? The perfect way to dress crop tops to your frame is by throwing over a long cardigan. Don’t forget heels for an arresting finish.

longline asymmetrical cardigans 430x550

Asymmetrical hemlines giving us thrills

Merge fluidity and structure by going for an asymmetrical cardigan and wearing it with a fitted structured dress. Works well for ladies with height, but don’t forget to accessorise with a chunky neckpiece for a complete and polished look.

latest fashion trend long cardigans 430x550

Combine varied fabrics for a class in mixology

Combine multiple fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton for a rich and infused outfit. And to maintain an effortless and relaxed look without getting distracted, keep your colour palette neutral.

fashion trend long cardigans 430x550

Belt up some style

To look well put together wear a belt over your cardigan especially for office occasions. Remember to opt for a luxurious looking leather or suede belt to avoid looking drab.

All images sourced from Pinterest.com