Think you’re always conscious while posing ‘coz of your fuller figure? Don’t be! We have some super tips on how you can romance the cameras. While you’re at it, remember to sprinkle it up with some confidence because ladies, nothing spells magic as much as that!

cheat sheet to look slim in photos 430x550

Pull chin forward

While facing the camera, make sure your neck is straight. Pull your chin up to eliminate the chin fat and make your collarbones prominent. This will add length to your look and make your pose appear stylish.

cheat sheet to look slim in photos legs 430x550

Leg pop

This one’s our favourite! As you pose looking straight into the camera, fold your knee and pop one leg at the back like a princess. This pose will make you look more feminine and also lend you a slimming look. Are we ready for a photoshoot, girls?

cheat sheet to look slim in photos hip out 430x550

Hip out

This one’s totally doable—display your side profile and stand with your hip out so your waist looks slimmer. If you don’t know where to place your hands, you can place them on the waist and be a photographer’s delight!

cheat sheet to look slim in photos pout 430x550


One of the best ways to make your cheekbones prominent is by pouting. After all, nothing spells sexy as much as a pout. So wear your fave’ lipstick, pucker up your lips and flaunt your confidence, ladies.

cheat sheet to look slim in photos slanting shoulder 600x400

Slanting shoulder

Make sure your shoulders are at uneven lengths for this pose. Place one hand on the waist and ensure that your pose is such that the other arm is hardly visible. Wear your smile and you’re ready to romance the cameras!