College days are synonymous with all things young and fun. Come summertime, it only gets better! For a young fashionista, it can be quite nerve-wracking to zero down on the right style choices everyday. So, we’re here to help you with some expert tips on how you can nail comfort and fashion at once. This week, we’re taking you through a style guide on how to dress right for that super exciting college picnic with your buddies. Click through to have a look.

Style and comfort all rolled in one

<b>Style and comfort all rolled in one</b>

It’s no surprise that you maybe roughing it a bit outdoors. But who says you can’t stay girly while doing so? These Koovs multi-coloured printed shorts along with the floral sneakers make for a fun duo, ensuring you stay comfortable but still totally on trend.

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Tough khaki

<b>Tough khaki</b>

If you’re excursion involves a trek to the mountains, ring in a tougher look by working a shirt-and-shorts combo. We love this khaki Mango shirt and palm print shorts duo.

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Play it cute

<b>Play it cute</b>

There’s nothing like a playsuit to stay uber comfortable and keep the sun at bay. Packing in oodles of fun and sweetness, wear just as it is or team it with a pair of shorts as shown here.

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The trusted denim jacket

<b>The trusted denim jacket</b>

After all that fun in the sun, prepare yourself for cooler temperatures by sporting a basic denim jacket. It’s versatile and can be paired with everything. Denim doesn’t wear out easily and hence makes for our favourite choice for outerwear.


Soak some sun

<b>Soak some sun</b>

It’s no new news that your skin suffers considerable damage in the sun; so make sure you carry oversized sunglasses to protect your eyes all day.


By the beach

<b>By the beach</b>

If you’re planning a day out close to the beach, these flip-flops won’t disappoint you. There’s nothing more annoying that having loads of beach sand stuck between your toes while you’re frolicking in the water. Pack a pair of lightweight, flat flip-flops and carry them in your picnic bag should you need them later.

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All the other things

<b>All the other things</b>

Last but not least, don’t forget to carry a large wicker bag to stock in all the things you may need during the day. We can’t stress the important of lathering on enough sunscreen to protect your skin. Additionally, a hat is a great way to protect your hair and keep those unwanted sunrays away.