It's not as simple as doing a lap around town in your trusty Manolo Bhahnik heels. Fashion Weeks always manage to throw up a few surprises. And mind you, these events aren't for the faint-hearted. Only a front-row pro would know that the stage is set for non-stop air-kissing, seating wars and the after-show party frenzy. Who's sitting where? Who's wearing what? Who got invited with a plus one and who’s got swag—everything is mercilessly dissected and debated in the chic corridors of the fashion week. So here are key things which no one will tell you about this glamazon galaxy...

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The showstopper is what matters

As much as we cringe about the Bollywood presence on the ramp, the press and the photographers only want to know who the showstopper is. Clothes become secondary and the B-town starlet, who's perhaps charged a fortune to strut down the runway, becomes the cynosure of all eyes. Once the show's over, the out-of-work actress gets bombarded with questions about her next film. And clearly she has no idea what to say! So she'll mumble a concocted response and flutter her eyelashes—all of which will be lapped up by the restless TV crews stationed there.

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F-Row-ing (Front rowing)

You are a nobody if you aren't in the front row. Socialites, journalists and their buddies pull all the strings to get the coveted front row seats. It's not common to see the F-Row-ing attendees break into an argument and at times, even a scuffle when they are asked to vacate their seats and move behind. So if you've got the elusive front row pass, you've clearly arrived! However, try and wear something from the designer who's showcasing and avoid donning anything from a competing brand as a mark of respect to the designer—or the next time around, you'll be banished to the third or fourth row… and you wouldn't want that form of social suicide.

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Freebies galore

Over the years, it's become a common practice for designers to dress influential editors and journalists in their creations. Also, at times, the show review is directly proportional to the swag which has been offered to the pen pusher. Anyway, who reviews the shows these days? Critiques have sort of become 'oh-so-last-season'.

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After-show parties

“Are you coming to the after-show party?” That's the most commonly asked question among the fashion world whisperers. "Look at her, she got invited to the post-show dinner with a plus one.”

That's the common refrain. The fashion set loves to party hard and if you aren't on the list then, clearly, you're persona non grata.

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Death by air-kissing

The chic set loves schmoozing and it won't be a fashion week without its share of air-kissing and nonchalant hugging. The competing bloggers, designers and preening socialites have a field day bonding with each other over champagne and couture.

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Bloggers galore

Every fashion student becomes a blogger during the fashion week. One finds this species of fashion enthusiasts in droves waiting in Mississippi-long queues to enter the show or survey the stall area, much to the chagrin of designers, who'd rather entertain a buyer or an editor.