7 International Shopping Festivals You Need To Check Off Your List

Written by Sanjana PalecandaOct 08, 2018
7 International Shopping Festivals You Need To Check Off Your List

Calling all shopaholics out there…if exceeding budgets is your biggest worry when you’re holidaying overseas, then you’ve just hit the jackpot.

Whether it’s a complete wardrobe makeover or just picking up a few gifts for your family back home, there's no better place to do this that at some of the largest shopping festivals.

These festivals can go on for days or even weeks, so it’s important to plan your travel dates right in order to get the best deals on air tickets and holiday packages! Spoilt for choice with massive discounts on major labels as well as popular chain stores, these festivals are every shopaholic’s fairytale come true!

So, we’ve curated a list of the top 7 shopping festivals in the world to help you strike a bargain for your buck and keep a check on that budget while you also get to shop till you drop!


1. Dubai Shopping Festival (1st January to 1st February)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

There’s no better way to start the New Year than with a massive shopping spree. The Dubai Shopping festival is the largest shopping and entertainment event in the Middle East. This 32-day shopping extravaganza offers crazy discounts and sales across a massive array of fashion, luxury, and lifestyle brands—a great post honeymoon stopover if you, like so many couples in India, have chosen to get married towards the end of the year.

Apart from the retail therapy this event also provides special entertainment and activities such as street parades, fireworks, light shows, films, international fashion shows, cultural displays and live music concerts making it an overall enjoyable experience.

Best Buys: Luxury items, gold, jewellery, handicrafts, carpets, perfumes, clothing and textiles, spices, leather goods.


2. Cannes Shopping Festival (3rd to 5th April tentatively)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

This one isn't for the common folk shopping on a budget! If it isn't obvious enough, as far as fashion goes, Cannes always sits pretty at the top of the list. Apart from being home to the most acclaimed film festival in the world, this city of French Rivera is also an acclaimed fashion hub and home to the most extravagant shopping festival in the world. This festival hosts world-famous designers showcasing the latest in high street fashion and haute couture. This festival is dominated by high label boutiques and designers and attended by all the who’s who of the fashion and celeb world.

Best buys: Runway fashion, designer dresses, handbags, shoes, and luxury items.


3. The Great Singapore Sale (June - August tentatively)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

The Great Singapore Sale is a major international shopping event. It offers whopping discounts of up to 70% on the original prices on both local and international brands. For those who love to grab a bargain, this annual sale is the perfect time to holiday in Singapore.

Marina Bay, Orchard Road and Paragon Mall are some of the more popular shopping spots so you could start there and then explore. There are huge discounts on restaurants, hotels and watering holes in the surrounding areas too, if you need to take a breather at a price much lower than usual.

Best Buys: Luxury Items, jewellery, watches, clothing, shoes, and electronic goods.


4. The Thailand Grand Sale (15th June to 15th August tentatively)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

If you want value for money like a true Indian, Thailand is where you want to be! The Thailand Grand Sale is a two-month long shopping extravaganza that offers exciting deals and discounts not only on retail items but also on a number of hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions across the county. With deals as good as up to 80% discount this is a shopping experience that really spikes the tourism in Thailand in these months. Whether it’s a little self-indulgent shopping, picking up gifts for the family, or just relaxing at the spa, this festival offers the best of everything.

Best Buys: Thai art and craft, jewellery, spa treatments, apparel, and electrical appliances.


5. Istanbul Shopping Festival (July)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

For those of you who aren’t aware, Turkey is a major shopping hub and houses a large array of fashion and luxury brands. The Istanbul Shopping Festival may not be as popular but is just as grand as the Dubai Shopping Festival (in fact, the two are often considered rivals). This festival offers unreal deals and discounts across posh shopping malls as well as a number of fashion streets. Apart from the commercial buys, this city also offers exciting shopping opportunities at the Grand Bazaar, Egyptian Spice Market and Sapphire Bazaar; once again at a great price.

Best buys: Spices, art and antiques, textiles, handmade shoes, ceramics, jewellery, and Turkish labels.


6. Hong Kong Shopping Festival (July - August)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

Hong Kong is one of the most sought after shopping destinations in the world. Over the past few years, fashion and luxury has carved a niche for itself within the Chinese culture, making it a hub for major label brands to set up store here. Apart from commercial retail outlets, Hong Kong also houses a number of exquisite custom wear boutiques. If you’re looking to do some quality shopping with the best labels, then the Hong Kong Shopping Festival is where you should head.

Best Buys: Luxury items, chinese spices, chinese handicrafts, apparel, and footwear.


7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

7. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival (10th to 13th October)

This is a 4-day outlet shopping festival across major outlet stores in the United States. The USA Outlet Shopping Festival offers unbelievable deals and discounts and is the perfect opportunity for both locals as well as tourists to shop from their favourite brands at a steal! This shopping festival offers something for all age groups. Whether its clothes, jewellery, gifts or even cars….this is a one stop shop for everything. Just make sure to carry empty suitcases and plan a budget because once you start shopping, it’s very easy to get carried away!

Best Buys: Apparel, footwear, accessories, luxury items, and sportswear.

So forget about all the rip-offs we call Sales here and start saving up for the real deal. Plan a shopping trip with your besties for the upcoming festive and wedding season so that you get the best deal on flight tickets and accommodation too without burning a hole in your pocket! With all the money you’ll be saving, the trip will practically feel like an investment!

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