Tucked in a tree-lined street of one Mumbai’s hottest suburbs, Vinegar gives off a ‘king size’ vibe. Its tall glass window displays tempt you into making a mental screenshot of everything the store has to offer inside.
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What to expect
Sprawling at 5,000 square feet, Vinegar instantly works its way into your ‘must-shop-from’ store list with colours and prints. There is not a hue that you can’t find here and for a store that is somewhere between the Indo-Western and boho-chic territories; Vinegar offers those prints and silhouettes that you haven’t seen at many of its high-street counterparts. Think leafy patchwork crop tops in black and white, with a dose of flouro pink straps and zip details. Always unpredictable, Vinegar’s tube skirts in multi-coloured patchwork panels become a hit along with the newly added brocade-ish white and gold pencil skirts.

A special mention needs to be made for the inside lining of most garments in ditsy floral prints, best shown off in jackets with sleeves rolled up.

The hidden treasures
This two storey fashion house has a separate couture section where you can find one-off exclusive pieces like a sequinned bomber jacket or a pair of vintage lace shorts. When all the walking and shopping tires you, take a couple of minutes to refresh at Vinegar’s quaint coffee shop that adjoins the clothes racks.
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What we don’t like
Easily skipped with one look are the boring, ‘been there worn that’ tunics with wrap necks that should officially be off the fashion charts. Also, we could only wish that Vinegar’s accessory rack was as inviting as its clothes. As you hover over the forgotten table of shoes and not-so-looked-after wall of frumpy leather cuffs and beaded necklaces, you’re urged to take a second look and wish you’d find something better there, magically.

Our verdict
If you want to add a dash of ‘boho quirky’ to your style and are looking for something that is not already being worn by everyone else, then you’ll find your fix here. Decently priced with appreciable quality, think of it as a one-stop-shop for almost all eclectic finds. We love it so because it offers a refreshing break from those mass produced clothes.

Prices start at ₹650 for accessories, ₹1,100 for tunics, ₹1,500 for trousers and ₹1,600 for a Peter Pan collar top.

Getting there: Vinegar Fashion, Kirabo,13th road, off Linking Road, Khar (W), call 26482787.