Everyone's been raving about wearable art off late but flaunting our literary tastes as fashion accessories? Now that’s a new concept and what an interesting one at that! Carpe Diem, a Mumbai-based company founded by two people who love books, has translated the very creative idea into a functional one. They've introduced the global trend of 'book clutches' in India and have launched a fabulous range. Read on:

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Fashion has come a long way from the confines of conventional. Wearing personalized styles and tastes as your fashion statement is the new in thing and Carpe Diem reinforces just that. But what are book clutches? Your favourite book cover will be taken off the book and turned into a clutch purse!

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About the conception of the idea, owner Vandana Panjabi tells us, “​The core idea is to have readers flaunt their choices. Books are great conversation starters. ​With the reading culture shifting from books to e-books, I think this is a way we hope to revive interest in printed books and the joy it brings.”

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Co-owner Mihir Desai shares his side of the story, “The idea emerged from changing fashion trends in the international market. I think fashion these days can be classified as people who blindly follow it and people who add their touch to it. We saw the gap in the market here and with Carpe Diem, we aim to merge fashion with intellect. You are flaunting your intellect, as well as your spiritual and emotional connection with the titles you read, believe and connect with.”

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The most important step that the company had to take, Panjabi points out, was to understand the market and their preferences, and accordingly select titles, because that is how the product connects with the audience and their thought process. "​We rely on suggestions by fellow book readers and then incorporate those books in our upcoming collection” she explains.

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With an agenda of catering to the fashion conscious and tapping into their intellectual sides, Mihir Desai and Vandana Punjabi chose to name their company, Carpe Diem which translates to ‘Seize the day’.

Well, they certainly did manage to seize our attention!

Orders for all Carpe Diem products can be placed on their social media pages.