The easiest way to add some zing to your work outfit? Invest in a fancy laptop bag! You have no idea how much of a difference opting for an unconventional laptop case as opposed to a traditional black one can do! Pick one with quirky print or vibrant colours and make a style statement! Here’s a low-down on some of the best laptop bags you can choose from.

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If you’re the kind who wants something simple yet classy to complete your office look, pick a brown laptop bag with embossed and hand-printed genuine leather. This one will go perfectly with your work ensemble and can easily fit a laptop up to a size of 17 inches comfortably.

Available on for 5,950

coolest laptop bags for office 600x400

Think you have it in you to pull off a floral laptop bag at work? Opt for a flower-print messenger laptop satchel that’ll not only look pretty but also add a brush of colour.
Ladies, it’s bound to fetch you some compliments.

Available on for 1,399

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Lovers of all things quirky, this laptop bag is right up your alley. The adorable fox-in-a-garden print is sure to cheer you up on a Monday morning when you’re heading to work. Oh, and the bright colours elevate the look further. Besides the handles, it also has a sling, which will make it easier for you to carry around.

Available on for 1,795

coolest laptop bags forevernew 430x550

Think quirky bags are too tricky for your office? Try something like a striped one. Not only is it stylish, it also has enough room to fit other essentials along with your laptop.

Available on for ₹5,000

coolest laptop bags limeroad 430x550

A rickshaw-print laptop bag? Yes, please! The cool print and colours make this a perfect fit for your creative side. Wouldn’t you agree?

Available on for ₹900

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If you’re cool enough to carry a metallic laptop bag to work, this silver bag might be a smart bet. We agree that it’s a tad OTT but it’ll stand out, and yes, you’ll never ever misplace your bag again.

Available on for 6,500

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Don’t know about you but we’re totally making our colleagues go green with envy by carrying this lotus-print laptop bag to work. After all, the bright pink flowers on the black background make this bag so lust-worthy.

Available on for ₹900

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If your office rules don’t permit you to wear colourful laptop bags, carry a smart, sturdy, tan one like this. It has ample space and will work wonders with a formal attire.

Available on for ₹1,999