Every piece of art–fashion, music or film–that is ever made, reflects and represents the era of its inception just like the bell-bottom pants from the 60s and 70s represented the original hipster culture of that era. The bell-bottoms however are a classic that still keep resurfacing on the fashion block every now and then.  


That is precisely what is happening to Dior’s iconic saddle bags. Dior is bringing back their 1999-2000 classic saddle bag for the Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 ready-to-wear collection and we are ecstatic.


First launched at the Spring-Summer of 2000 Ready-to-wear Collection, these saddle bags were designed in 1999 by John Galliano (the then creative director of Dior). The design of these bags is said to be an ode to the equestrian world, with its shape like that of a horse saddle.   


This classic bag is already considered a cult accessory with A-list celebs like Beyoncé and Carrie Bradshaw and now it has been reincarnated for the millennial generation. The new saddlebag isn’t a complete reproduction though. It is slightly larger and comes in two brand new formats – a monochrome leather with 1950s-inspired patchwork details that read ‘Peace and Love Dior’ and another format which comes embellished with nine pieces of finely-beaded embroidery and the retro logo.    


How are you going to lay your hands on these beauties, you ask? Good news is, these bags are now available on the official Dior website. So ladies, get in line and get ready to be bankrupt for the love of this absolutely timeless bag!Image Credit: Instagram