Although drawing a graph of our shopping habits will be near impossible, there are primarily two seasons where we end up blowing most of our dough – the half yearly sales. So for those of you who can’t make it to the stores, here’s a list of our five favourite online sale must-haves (that are well on their way to our addresses.)

5 must haves from online sales heels 430x550

Just in case you missed the memo, a few months ago, the LBD called for a joint boycott of all the possible black shoes, but only because it joined forces with the power dressing favourite – that killer red stiletto.  Needless to say, it’s time for an upgrade and it doesn’t come any cheaper than these sweet babies (at such a sweet price.
Buy it at for ₹2,394

5 must haves from online sales loafer 430x550

It’s been said a 100 times over and who are we to debate it but a girl really cannot have too many shoes.  And when the shoe is a loafer that’s our favourite pista green (do tell us when was the last time you saw a shoe in that colour!) we’re not letting that opportunity pass. Na-uh!
Buy it at for ₹1,400

5 must haves from online sales bags 430x550

No matter where we’re heading, we have to carry half of our table with us. And since it’s logistically quite impossible to wear furniture, we’ll settle for a snakeskin sling that looks super rad while doing the job of holding our cell phone, wet wipes, lip balm, lip stick, sunglasses, sunscreen, car keys, home keys, portable charger, mini-wallet, mints, ear phones and… you get the point!
Buy it at for ₹1,080

5 must haves from online sales shopping 430x550

We know that not many people will be up for this but a blouson and shorts in the same shiny fabric seems to us like the most possible SFW fun that our wardrobe can have. Apart from our obvious love for anything with a sheen (or bling or tassels or glitter,) we dig stripes of all kinds, making this a must acquire on our list.
Buy it at for ₹1,680

5 must haves from online sales blazer 430x550

We fell in love with this blazer the minute we set our eyes on it. Apart from the fact that it’s the brightest thing in our wardrobe (and we suspect it’ll shine some light on her rest of our clothes even in the dead of the night) we love the cut and the pleats up front.
Buy it at for ₹2,066