Just because Diwali is right around the corner, it doesn’t mean that we take it easy as far as our search for an even better LBD, a tote that fits in the world and other things we could wear once we’re done with the silk and zari goes, right? Keeping everyone’s best interest (and the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations) in mind, we give you our favourite picks from the FabAlley collection online…

favourite outfits from faballey online store necklace 430x550

We’ve been big fans of everything geometric for a long time now, so it came as no surprise when within a few seconds of sighting this neckpiece with its beautifully symmetric triangles, we immediate placed an order. Perfect for both, the day and night, or even worn on a white tee with shorts or an old-school LBD, we think we just found ourselves a new go-to accessory!

favourite outfits from faballey online store ear cuff 430x550

Whoever thought that ear cuffs were already passé obviously hadn’t got their hands on this baby. Unlike all the others that we’ve seen so far, this one’s got dual benefits. Those dainty pearl drops add an über feminine touch to an usually edgy accessory, making it wearable with both, your Indian as well as Western outfits. We suggest you bring out that backless choli, pull all your hair to one side and show this lovely piece off!

favourite outfits from faballey online store leather turban 430x550

On most days, we love our bangs, but on those not-so-good ones when they just seem to have a mind of their own, we’ve found ourselves this leather turban hairband to tame them with. It’s super chic, black and goes with everything, keeps the hair off our face and even better, we can also wear it to the gym once in a while! Why would a girl say no to such a great buy, huh?

favourite outfits from faballey online store golden tote 430x550

A quick inspection of our bag collection will tell you that when it comes to bags, we like them big. So when we were given the chance to replace our colourful, canvas tote with this lovely faux leather one with gold panelling at the bottom, we jumped at the opportunity. Needless to say, it took just a few compliments for it transition from our ‘weekend bag’ to our ‘everyday office bag’, and the fact that it goes perfectly well with our kurtas as well as our skirt suits only makes it better.

favourite outfits from faballey online store sunglasses 430x550

With music festival season around the corner, we couldn’t help but populate our collection of sunnies. Obviously, must-haves on our list include these super-hip ‘Flip Show’ sunnies. Frankly, there’s nothing we don’t love about them – round frames, printed body and of course, the rad gold-rimmed flip ups.

favourite outfits from faballey online store shorts 430x550

We admit, that as much as we love androgyny, we’ve also got a pretty strong super girlie side. And what better than crochet to make a girl fall for you – hook, line and sinker? Well played, crochet shorts! Although wearibility wise, we’ll restrict these to the weekend (they’re too pretty to wear to the gym,) we can’t promise that we won’t show up for a fancy dinner styling these with a poppy pink blazer.

favourite outfits from faballey online store berry boots 430x550

When it came to dark colours, our vocabulary (until recently) was fairly restricted to blues, browns and blacks. However, after opening up to reds and maroons last season, it really does feel like we have a whole new colour palette to experiment with. And that’s what makes these rich berry ankle boots one of our must-haves. For our next night out, we’re planning to wear them with an all-black ensemble and a contrasting bag, and of course, these beauties for company.

favourite outfits from faballey online store tshirts 430x550

When we were 12, the ‘Parental Advisory’ labels on audio cassettes meant that we had to have them! Of course, 15 years later, most unexpectedly, the sentiment jumped right back at us when we spotted this t-shirt. Needless to say, we’ve been wearing it (a lot) all over the city with leggings, shorts, minis and even a knee-length skirt (with heels, mind you)! The fashionista in us says we’re running out of ideas but the teenager in us couldn’t be happier!

favourite outfits from faballey online store tux pants 430x550

These Tribal Tuxedo Pants absolutely hit the spot given our long relationship with prints and our new-found love for side panelling. They’re so comfy that we once ended up wearing them all through a Sunday, pairing them with a floral sweatshirt and ballet flats for a lazy morning brunch, and a peplum top and heels that same evening. (Trust us, no one will even know that they’re drawstring!)

favourite outfits from faballey online store maxi dress 430x550

If there’s a way to nail comfy chic, this maxi dress has got to be it! Bold nautical prints fabricated in jersey cotton with a slit to one side, we think we’ve finally found a keeper – for our next beach vacation and all of the others to follow.