So you’ve got your outfit down pat and now you need some accessories to add some more chutzpah to your look? Designer label ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ is here to help! Their enviable collection of bags and shoes can doll up any outfit. Here are our favourites…

papa dont preach accessory collection 600x400

If your red stilettoes are done and dusted and you’re looking for a radical change, these turquoise link chain and fur ball babies are just what the fashion doctor ordered. Perfect with that LBD or a monotone jumpsuit.

papa dont preach accessories 600x400

A mix of print and bead and sequin work? We couldn’t say no to that. This clutch with floral as well as a geometric prints can swing all ways when it comes to wardrobe styles and is the easiest way to wear an opposing element to your otherwise traditional or modern look.

papa dont preach accessory clutch 600x400

Since we’re big suckers for detailing, this oversized clutch couldn’t miss our eye. A mix of pastels, metallic and fine floral elements, it looks rather regal and could add character even to the most basic of outfits.

papa dont preach accessory bags 430x550

‘Awesome clutch meet Instagram, Instagram meet awesome clutch’ could be the story of a million hearts had this baby found its way to our social media accounts. Definitely one of the must-haves on our list, this baby’s not for the weak hearted. After all you’ve gotta be a girl who can handle two furry ponies, a giant heart and lots of bead to be able to carry this off.

papa dont preach accessory vintage clutch 600x400

Inspired by the Garden of Eden, this vintage style clutch is decorated with Indian embroidery sequin detailing. We’d pair it with a drape dress or even a sari for a more ceremonious occasion and might we say, we suspect our mums will have their eye on this all evening long.

papa dont preach accessory bag 600x400

If there’s anything we love more than fashion with a quirk, it’s… well… functional fashion with quirk. Candy coloured, roomy and super chic, we’re sold on this bag’s detailing – link chains, dress golden cutouts in the shape of hearts and delicate tassels.

papa dont preach accessory heels 600x400

What is it about pastels that make them so magnetic no matter what form they come in? So when we spotted these killer heels with a golden link chain and floral tassels, it was only a matter of time (we mean a few seconds) before we were reaching for our credit card.

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