Shoes that make your legs look slimmer? It’s totally possible, ladies! You’ve always wanted to wear that short dress but it invariably returns to the cupboard in the fear that your calves are going to look unsightly. This could be because you aren’t accessorising your dress with the right pair of heels. Want to know what’s the perfect footwear that can not only glam you up but also make your legs look sexier? Take a look.

shoes that make you look slimmer pointies 600x400


Agreed that pointies don’t exactly have a reputation of being comfy but they can instantly change your silhouette. Well, this is because a pointed toe is narrow—something that gives the illusion of your legs looking thinner and longer. That being said, you must opt for pointies sans too many straps because strappy heels will only add weight to your legs and draw attention to your calves.

nude shoes that make you look slimmer 600x400

Go nude

Opt for a pair of heels that match your skin colour. Doing this will trick the eyes into giving your legs a thinner appearance as the legs and feet are in one solid hue. There is no separation in colour so your legs will end up looking longer. We’re going to be flaunting long legs à la Blake Lively soon!

knee high boots that make you look slimmer 430x550

Knee high boots

Knee length boots are perfect if you want to make your legs look leaner because these come up high giving you a taller look. Oh and if you’re brave enough, buy knee length boots with two inch heels. Nothing’s sexier than that!

slingbacks shoes that make you look slimmer 600x400


Slingbacks optically elongate legs and make them appear far thinner than they actually are. We suggest you wear open toed slingbacks that will give your thighs and calves a slender appearance. We’re buying ourselves a stylish pair. Are you?