Our Bollywood fraternity has a bunch of talented actors who entertain us in plenty with their superior acting chops. But when they’re not facing the arc lights, they often make their presence felt on social media to connect with their fans. While they’ve been at it, we’ve seen them create some major spellos and blunders on Twitter. Makes you want to wish they’d pay as much attention to the English language as they do to the cameras. Check out the times they were trolled on social media.


Anushka Sharma

We love Anushka Sharma for her on screen persona but when a girl of her stature majorly goofs up on Twitter, it has us cringing. While expressing grief over the demise of Dr. Kalam, the girl took to Twitter and addressed him as ABJ Kalam Azad! May have been an honest mistake on her part as she clarified but peeps, for the love of the man who taught us so many wonderful lessons, let’s repeat his name over and over again—“Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam” to ensure that we never have to goof up ever again.


Jackky Bhagnani

We’ve seen actors being trolled several times for their typos but this tweet takes the cake. When Malala Yousafzai was conferred the Nobel Peace Prize, Jackky Bhagnani logged into his Twitter account (why why why!) and addressed Malala as Masala. To add to the horror, he spelt the Nobel Peace Prize as noble peace price. We’re willing to gift him a bunch of grammar books. Are you?


Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel has been doing it all wrong for a while—from wearing jarring pink ensembles to posting absurd tweets with hilarious spellings on her social media accounts. She was unwell for a while and she took to Twitter to announce her absence to her fans…err... We won’t say much but take a look at the tweet and tell us if you think a cat ran over her keyboard!


Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri is one helluva funny woman alright. But she took her funny side rather seriously when she made a typo and addressed guys as ‘gays’ in a certain tweet not too long ago. We’re all for LGBT rights, girl but autocorrect never hurt anyone!


Yo Yo Honey Singh

We won’t deny it—we’ve danced to his music after a few shots of vodka. But here’s the thing, typos don’t have the same effect on us as his songs do! On a day as important as Independence Day, sighting a tweet with incorrect English can be rather upsetting. You can put a bizarre bunch of words and pull it off in your songs but the same doesn’t work for Twitter, right?


Riteish Deshmukh

We’ve made grammatical errors too. But then we found our bible—The Wren & Martin—and we hardly ever goofed up again. Sounds easy, right? But there we were reading a tweet by Riteish Deshmukh where he went all out to put out an intelligent joke but failed so miserably, thanks to a grammatical error. Ouch!