As a bride-to-be, choosing the right makeup look unquestionably forms an integral part of your task list. Choosing the right makeup artist and narrowing down looks that will enhance your features can be quite the task. And a pressing question that might have crossed your mind is whether you should opt for airbrush makeup or HD makeup.

So, we went ahead and put a little guide that will answer all your questions about the two makeup techniques to help you make an informed decision. After all, it’s your wedding makeup, and you surely don’t want to be disappointed while looking at the photographs 10 years down the line.

So, scroll down to find out the exact difference between airbrush and HD makeup, along with the pros and cons of each.


What is airbrush makeup?

airbrush makeup


Airbrush makeup involves using a small pen-like instrument called the airbrush machine to gently coat your skin in a thin layer of liquid foundation. This foundation has a mist-like consistency and settles into a very thin layer over your skin, delivering a totally smooth and flawless finish.

Pros of airbrush makeup

The main benefit of airbrush makeup is that since it uses the airgun for application, there is minimal risk of contamination. It is a super quick process that simply mists tiny droplets of foundation onto your skin to form a thin layer to cover up large pores and acne scars quite easily. Also, airbrush makeup is super long-lasting, which means that it will stay put through all the humidity, oil, and crying.

Cons of airbrush makeup

If you have dry, flaky skin, then it is better to steer clear of airbrushed makeup as it can stick to flaky parts of your skin and end up enhancing them. Also, airbrush makeup settles down quite quickly, making blending and reapplication nearly impossible. And since airbrush makeup requires special tools and some extra skills, it usually ends up being a lot more expensive than traditional HD makeup.


What is HD makeup?

hd makeup

HD makeup employs the use of traditional makeup products and application techniques to give your skin a more natural and skin-like coverage. HD makeup products are specially formulated to ensure that they look natural even in photographs, lights and flash. Since this makeup technique uses traditional tools, the makeup artist can exercise more control and precision, thereby ensuring that your makeup looks perfectly natural, non-cakey and skin-like. HD makeup products usually feature a light-diffusing coating that blurs out the effects of harsh lighting on your face. This gives your skin a softly-lit and radiant finish.

Pros of HD makeup

The best part about HD makeup is the wider range of shades and options for you to choose from. It is also easier to mix two different shades for a more skin-like and customised finish. HD makeup products usually have a cream-based formula with moisturising ingredients that cover dry patches really well. Additionally, if you have textured skin or a lot of active acne, the cream formulation of HD products makes blending and application a lot simpler.

Cons of HD makeup

The only con with using HD makeup is that it is not as long as long-lasting as its airbrush counterpart. Plus, if you have uneven skin texture in the form of large pores or acne scars, then this type of makeup may not be able to blur those out.


Which one to pick

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The answer to this question really depends on factors such as your skin type and budget, along with your own personal preference. But generally speaking, it is better for people with dry and flaky skin types to stay away from airbrush makeup, while people with oily skin and large pores could go in for airbrush makeup. Remember to speak to your makeup artist for an honest assessment of which makeup method you should opt for after considering your skin type.

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