When you’re a woman with thinning hair, it can feel like you’ve got 99 problems with thin hair making up for at least 90 of them. Admit it— you’re always looking for products, the best hair care methods and the right hairstyles for thin hair, just because it is so high maintenance. Today, we’re solving at least one of those problems with a list of hairstyles for women with thin hair which will add fullness to your tresses and life to your look.
dove oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner

Before you can style your hair, opt for the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. As it is formulated with Oxyfusion technology, it will greatly add volume to fine hair and leave it feeling smoother, softer and fuller.

curly bob hairstyle for women

Curly bob

If thin hair has held you back from getting a short haircut, it’s time to rethink that decision. You’ll be glad to know that the best short hairstyle for your hair type is, in fact, a curly bob. Curls lift the hair greatly and give the appearance of a fuller hairdo, which makes it perfect for you! Now you know what to wear for your next cocktail party.

messy ponytail hairstyle for women

Messy ponytail

If you’re a girl who cannot be separated from her ponytail, then you’re in luck because a messy ponytail will take care of everything. The base of the ponytail is lifted at the root and its tousled nature makes it larger than life. Make this your hairstyle of choice for your next movie date.

long layer hairstyle for women

Long layers

Yes, we know you love your long hair and the only way to fake its fullness is with layers. Not only is it a hot trend for summer, layering also gives the hair more body while lending it a more effortless touch. Take note of this one for your next lunch date!

mid length with frayed ends hairstyle for women

Mid-length with frayed ends

When you cannot choose between short and long hair, opt for a mid-length haircut. Especially if you have thinning hair, choose one with frayed, wispy ends. The edges of the hair lift the rest of the length and make the hairstyle more voluminous. At your next meeting, swap your boring ‘ol hairstyle for this instead!

large beachy waves hairstyle for women

Large beachy waves

For a hairdo that spells effortless sophistication, large beachy waves are the answer. They’ll add volume to the body of the hair and give it a chic yet breezy feel, which will make it the ideal ‘do for your next girls’ night out.

Image Credits: Yasmina, Jenny, Pinterest, Pretty Designs

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