Ace Stylist Shailesh Moolya Shares The Top Hair Trends For Summer

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 25, 2018
Ace stylist Shailesh Moolya shares the top hair trends  for summer
Come summer and everyone longs for a change. Hems get shorter, days get longer and even hairdos get a revamp! So if you’re looking to switch things up with a new summer hairstyle this season, you’re in luck. We spoke to Shailesh Moolya, National Creative Director (Hair) at Lakmé Salon for a breakdown of the hair trends we can expect to see this season. Take a look!

Short is where it is at

Long doesn’t mean boring

If hordes of pixie crops and bobs weren’t enough to convince you to chop your hair off, this certainly will. Shailesh predicts that short lengths will make a splash this season, in a shattered, undone avatar. We couldn’t be happier because not only does short hair lend a refreshing, new look, it is also lighter for summer. Expect to see a many more distressed cuts and long bobs because short hair is where the action is at!

Don’t shy away from fads

If you’re a bold lady who likes to experiment with her hair, summer is the perfect time! Trends like denim hair and tiger’s eye hair colour are daring yet popular options for those seeking a radical change. Use the sunshine-filled season as an opportunity to explore a new hair colour; just keep in mind workplace restrictions and skin tone before you do!


Go hot

Long doesn’t mean boring

Of course you know that summer is when things begin to heat up, which holds true for your hair colour palette as well. This summer, Shailesh recommends choosing warmer tones for hair! From caramels to champagne hues, warm toned shades fit perfectly into the season and are ideal for a peek-a-boo hint of colour on Indian skin.


Long doesn’t mean boring

Long doesn’t mean boring

If you cannot bear to part with your long, flowing tresses, Shailesh says that there is a way to work around this and that’s by adding texture. A layered haircut will maintain your long length while making it lighter so that you can get a hair makeover that’s not at the cost of your long hair.

Choose the right products

As summer is a searing, dry season, it’s important to care for your hair with the right products. Besides just shampoo and conditioner, Shailesh recommends adding leave-in conditioner to your beauty routine. It not only lends moisture and UV protection to the hair but is also easy to apply and go! In the effort to style your hair perfectly, skip the heat styling and opt for a scrunching product instead as it will hold hair in place while adding texture to it without heat.

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