Considering its April already and warmer days are ahead of us, are you worried about long locks, flying tresses and neck sweat? Because, we certainly are. It’s that time when you ponder over the thought of cutting your long hair and getting a cute, short haircut. The reasons to pick this bold hair move are many; short hair is insanely easy to manage, looks adorable, and well, summer calls for a new haircut, right? Also, we must tell you that short hair is all the rage in the beauty and fashion world right now with it being one of the hottest hair trends on the Summer Spring 2019 runways. All the more reason for you to get your summer hair transformation this year by chopping off the long hair, short and sexy! 

We are sure you are convinced by now to go chop-chop on your mane but wait till you choose and pick from the best options available this season aka the best and trendiest short haircut for women out there. We have divas from the Tinseltown and Btown who give us major hair goals with each look transformation every season. From Dua Lipa’s blunt bob to Yami Gautam’s chic wavy bob cut, we have some amazing short hairstyles for women to play copycat too. So read on as we bring you 10 of the hippest short haircuts for women and how you can style them...


Short haircuts: What are the golden rules to follow?

Short haircuts: What are the golden rules to follow?

Before we delve into the delights of short hair treasures, it’s better to know the golden rules of rocking the hairstyle.

  • Comb less
    While combing good and more is one tip most long-haired people get, short haircuts are good to go with a few strokes. Thus, comb it less frequently.
  • Reduce heating
    Bring down the use of heating equipment for styling. Use the no-heat methods, which are equally effective and impart less trauma on the hair.
  • Trim frequently
    Visit your salon every four to six weeks to maintain your short haircuts well. The trips are more frequent as compared to long haircuts but essential. You wouldn’t want extra snips shooting out and ruining your style, after all.
  • Wash daily
    Short and cute, these haircuts are easy to manage and wash. Make sure you cleanse your cute mane daily.
  • Rinse cold
    One blast of cold water. That’s all it takes to seal the shine for your short haircuts. Do it after every hair wash.

1. Curly bob

Curly bob


Girls with curly hair think they might look like a school kid with all that fluffy short hair over their face. Take it from a girl who’s been blessed with curls, this is an amazing short haircut for women with curly hair. The curly bob or cob, as they call it, is donned by Sanya Malhotra and she looks gorgeous as hell.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Comb your curls
  • Swipe those backwards
  • Create a small bun
  • Leave a few tendrils to frame your face

Voila! The perfect summer hairdo.

Pro tip: Throw in a scarf for better volume.


2. Chin-grazing cut

Chin-grazing cut

A perfect short haircut for women with an oval or oblong face, the chin-grazing cut is a haircut that has a length that ends on your jawline. It frames your face and makes your face look shorter and more symmetric. This stunning haircut will look amazing if you have soft curls, but even if you happen to have poker-straight hair, it will look incredibly sexy on you.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Ensure that your haircut ends just above or near your jaw
  • For daily maintenance, roll it a little inwards towards your face

Pro tip: Try a side-cornrow braids or a French mohawk.


3. Chic Short crop

Chic Short crop

Check out this short haircut for women with wavy hair. It is feminine and gorge AF.  You can transform it into a chic and casual look or even an elegant and pretty one. Throw in some highlights and pull off this standard bob cut with aplomb this summer.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Braid your hair into a half-do
  • Now take it in a half top knot, up or down, as you prefer
  • Loose out a few strands to frame your face
  • Use hair spray on the bun to hold it

Pro tip: Throw in some highlights to take this one up several notches.


4. 90’s shag

90’s shag

The cool unkempt short hair look, 90’s shag haircut is back and how! The shaggy, short hair with curtain bangs is a beautiful way to transform your look in summers. Plus, you don’t need to worry about styling or even tying your hair. This is best suited for the curly or wavy hair type.

Time it takes: 4-5 minutes


  • Chop your hair till the end of ear, jawline, or shoulder (not more than that)
  • Sport bangs for the messy hair look
  • Accessorise

Pro tip: Use big girl barrettes and clips for a better look.


5. Layered bob

Layered bob

This ‘cute as a button’ haircut for girls is to die for. Best for rectangular shaped faces, the layers in this haircut will give you an illusion of width to your face.

Time it takes: 4-5 minutes


  • Get a long-layered hair cut
  • Chop to wear a new layered bob
  • Let loose with a side parting for a casual look
  • Pin a section back and accessorise for a party look

Pro tip: Go from long hair to short, after getting layers done in the longer length.


6. Blunt chop

Blunt chop

How could the pop hairstyle, blunt bob miss this list when we are talking about the trendy, celeb-approved short haircuts for women? From Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian, we have seen a lot of A-listers rocking the blunt cut look. This is best if you wish to sport the glass hair trend.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Give your hair a sharp-edged chop
  • Create a fine mid-parting
  • Leave it open for a casual look
  • Tuck one side at the back of the ear for a classy and gorgeous look

Pro tip: Go sleek and leave the edges a little uneven for an edgy yet classy party look.


7. Pixie cut

Pixie cut

If you’re planning to go a little bold with your haircut, we suggest you go for the classic pixie cut. It’s a pretty and badass hairstyle all at the same time. If your hair is fine and thin, add some layers to your pixie cut to add volume.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Get a pixie cut
  • Get a few extra layers for volume
  • Cut choppy or blunt bangs, depending on what you wish to sport
  • If you want an edgier look, go for an undercut

Pro tip: If you want a cooler look, nothing speaks pixie better than an undercut.


8. 20’s flapper cut

20’s flapper cut

A trendy short hairstyle for women in the roaring 1920s, flapper hair is another short haircut for women that screams glamour and charm. This spicy haircut flatters all face shapes and is easy to pull off. If you want to completely change your look this summer, this is what you can go for.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Get a sleek pixie haircut
  • Add finger waves
  • Look on fleek

Pro tip: Pin up those waves for an even more secure look.


9. Long bob

Long bob

Classy and elegant, this is a short haircut for women who would not so much like to step out of their comfort zone. And hey, we don’t judge you. The beauty of this haircut is it looks great on every type of hair, be it straight, wavy or curly and every face shape too. The shoulder-length lob (long bob) allows you to look chic and pretty without compromising much on the length or changing your whole look.

Time it takes: 5-6 minutes


  • Get a shoulder-length bob
  • Braid it and bun it up for a mess-free formal look
  • You can even braid and pony the rest of the hair

Pro tip: Keep it shoulder-length for best hairstyling.


10. High low cut

High low cut

Our vote goes to this asymmetric, mid-length bob. This high low bob cut is a rebellious hair move if you ask us, and we absolutely love it. One way is to wear it with one side long, one side a bit short and another is with long at the front and short at back. Both ways look insanely chic and hot and are easy to pull off. Bonus, it looks good with waves or straight hair both. Take cues from Frieda and Selena; two style divas to how to rock this beautiful haircut.  

Time it takes: 4-5 minutes


  • Part your hair
  • Wear one side long
  • Wear the other side short
  • Blow-dry for a wild and chic look
  • Add waves if you don’t want to add volume

Pro tip: If you want a better edge, go for longer hair in the front and shorter at the back.


11. Flowered bun

Flowered bun

Have a traditional event coming up? Short haircuts really do pull up a little short there, don’t they?

But we have a trick up our sleeve, a la Taapsee Pannu in this gorgeous saree and even better curls. Her short hairdo can be upped and puffed in a delicate bun and so can yours.

Time it takes: 8-10 minutes


  • Clip up the top section of your hair
  • Take the remaining hair and make a ponytail
  • Twist to make a bun and secure
  • Unclip the top section and part your hair
  • Take the top right side, twist and secure in a bun, over and under the current one
  • Do the same thing with the top left side
  • Twist and secure the last remaining section
  • Puff and pull a few strands in the front
  • Spray the buns at the back to secure

Pro tip: Keep floral accessories handy to beautify the bun. It will hide the pins and add volume.

Image courtesy: @Taapsee Pannu


12. Bedhead bun

Bedhead bun

Honestly, nothing rocks more than a just-awake hairstyle. Minimum effort and maximum chic, this hairstyle offers more than it takes. Tahira Kashyap’s bedhead bun proves the same. Chic and casual, this is one of the short haircuts that you can create in your sleep.

Time it takes: 2-3 minutes


  • Backcomb your hair lightly
  • Wrap it in a messy ponytail but don’t tie it
  • Create a bun and secure it with pins
  • Add a scrunchie if you want
  • Make it a low-nape bun or a top knot one, your wish

Pro tip: Ditch the comb and rummage through your hair using fingers. It will untangle yer retain the ‘wake up’ style.


FAQ about Short Haircuts & Hairstyle for Women:

FAQ about Short Haircuts & Hairstyle for Women:

Q. What is the best short haircut for women with thin hair?

A. For women with thin, fine hair, get a layered lob or a blunt bob cut. Both these haircuts add depth to your mane and add volume, making your hair look seemingly thick and luscious.

Q. How can I style my short hair?

A. There’s no dearth of short hairstyles for women. You can try half bun or half ponytail or simply twist and pin to get a twisted half-up. You can also add accessories like a scarf, hairbands or barrette to get a trendy and chic look.

Q. Which short haircuts make you look younger?

A. Bangs and layers make you look young so opt for a shag haircut or blunt cut. These are the hottest short haircuts that can take a few years off your face.     

Q. Which are some short haircuts for women with a round face?

A. Women with round face should go for a long bob or any haircut that surpasses the jawline. These haircuts will minimise the roundness of the jawline and make your face look longer. You can also team your short haircut with face-framing fringe.