• Fidget spinner nails

    Fidget spinner nails What is it: A nail art trend which includes a miniature fidget spinner on the nail

  • Feather brows

    Feather brows What is it: A trend in which the brows are brushed apart in the centre of the arch for a feathery effect

  • Faux freckles

    Faux freckles What is it: Dotting a brown toned pencil over the nose and upper cheek area to create artificial freckles for a natural look

  • Face Oil

    Face Oil What is it: Absorbs more quickly into the skin than a cream and can be used in place of a traditional lotion after cleansing.

  • Free Radicals

    Free Radicals What is it: Molecules that are responsible for premature ageing and tissue damage.

  • Foundation Brush

    Foundation Brush What is it: Foundation brushes are flat with a wide, round top, and work to give a streak-free finish

  • Foaming Cleanser

    Foaming Cleanser What is it: Foaming cleansers are cleansers that are already foamed up and ready for use.

  • Fluff

    Fluff What is it: Use of fingers or a pick to add volume to natural hair

  • Floating eyeliner

    Floating eyeliner What is it: Floating eyeliner or eyeliner that is applied higher up on the lid than the lash line and is one of the edgiest ways to wear liner.