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Heard of the stereotype that blondes have more fun or that redheads are feisty? That’s because our hair colour to an extent can tell a little about our personalities. So, what does your hair colour say about you? 

Have you ever been curious as to what does your hair colour say about you? And there may be some truth to it as actual science has shown that we do end up projecting our personalities through our appearances like hair, clothes and makeup.  

what does your hair colour say about you brown hair

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Hair colour and your personality - the basics  

When we say that hair colour tells a lot about a person we don’t mean people underestimating someone with blonde hair or considering someone with colourful hair as rebellious. But if you have ever wondered why you tend to dye a certain hair colour, it can actually tell a little about you as a person and your preferences. Well, let’s take a look at what does your hair colour say about you. 

what does your hair colour say about you brown hair

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What does your hair colour say about you 

Red hair 

You must have noticed, boys and girls suddenly trying red hair the moment we finish school and realise we are growing up. But it's more than being rebellious, it’s about experimenting with this new freedom as a young adult and the growing self-confidence. So, if you are way past your teen years and in the midst of adulthood, no need to be shy of going red. Redheads are feisty and passionate, adventurous and ready to explore the world at every opportunity given. 

what does your hair colour say about you orange hair

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Orange hair 

If you thought red was bold, look for someone with orange hair. Difficult to pull off unless you have the utmost confidence, you have to consistently maintain it even if it means not giving your scalp a break. Ambitious and ruthless, you look for power in your life and try to stay in control as much as you can. Once you know what you want and how to achieve it, nothing can stop you. 

what does your hair colour say about you blonde

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Blonde hair 

There are tons of assumptions of those who have blonde hair from them having fun or being flirty. But it’s not actually negative because if you take a look at the root of these stereotypes, it is all about someone who has a bright and outgoing personality. If you are attracted to this colour, you like making a bold statement. After all, how many people do you see in India with blonde hair?  

what does your hair colour say about you platinum blonde

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Platinum blonde 

Yep, there is a difference between blonde and platinum blonde. Platinum blonde is almost white with hints of yellow. It is an extremely rare hair colour and is naturally found only among 10% of the world’s population. This is why anyone with this colour can be considered the centre of attention or someone who likes the spotlight.  

what does your hair colour say about you ashy hair

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Gray hair 

We already know that we will end up getting gray hair at one point in our lives. There is also the negative assumption as the general public considers anyone with gray hair as older. But if you are willingly dyeing your hair gray or silver, we envy you. You are brave and courageous. With many older people embracing their age and young people daring to dye their hair gray, it is associated with a need for change. You are itching to change the world and if there’s even the smallest opportunity, you take it. 

what does your hair colour say about you brown hair

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Brunette hair 

Brown is a safe colour that goes with every skin tone, mood, occasion, outfit and activity. No one makes any assumptions as it is a neutral colour just like you, a rational person who fits in well with your setting. Brunettes are considered smart, can read a person and gauge their surroundings well. You are comfortable in your own skin and who you are without the need to prove yourself to anybody. You are honest and reliable which is why people gravitate towards you as you ooze off warmth and comfort. 

what does your hair colour say about you brunette

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Black hair 

Black is always associated with night and mysterious elements. But since the majority of us Indians have black hair, let’s take a look at why a person who likes colouring their hair will go for black. It can also tell a lot about a person who has light coloured hair and chooses to go for black hair. You may like to keep yourself closed off, opening to only those who accept you, just like the night that only allows the stars to brighten its vast expanse. You introspect a lot and hints of self-doubt keep you in check. Are we right here? 

what does your hair colour say about you blonde ombre

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Dyed tips 

What does your hair colour say about you when you want to experiment with your hair but are not ready to fully commit? You just may think that way with all of your decisions as well - by being careful. You do like trying out new things and going with the flow, but you also need an anchor, a compromise so you can play it safe. You are the best of both worlds as you live life while also being the grown up and considering the aftermath of your decisions. 

what does your hair colour say about you green highlights

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Neon colours 

Do you love trying out bright and neon colours without giving a damn about what people might say? That’s it! You don’t care as to what people might say about you. You create your own trends and march by your own rule. Whether you are in your pink phase at the moment or are considering going neon green tomorrow, you know what you want. 

what does your hair colour say about you blue ombre

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Cool colours 

Do you find blues and greens soothing? You may be more spiritual than you realise, as you prefer nature, the calmness that comes with it. But there’s more to you than meets the eye as you can be serious or the life of the party if you want. You may be considered eccentric, but you simply do what you like. 

what does your hair colour say about you brown ombre

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Ombre hair 

While dyed tips are for someone who may not be ready to commit, the ombre look is for you if you are realistic but a little more care-free. With bursts of spontaneity, it suggests that you do like to kick things up a notch. It is also pretty easy to maintain and by that we mean you don’t have to worry about any retouch which falls in line with your free-spirited attitude. 

what does your hair colour say about you rainbow hair

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Rainbow hair 

Aunties may call you a ‘punk’ for your rainbow coloured hair but it’s more than a punk hairstyle. Like your hair, you are a colourful person, who lives honestly and deeply. You are loud and energetic but also there for your friends when they need you.  

FAQs on what your hair colour says about you  

Does hair colour affect personality? 

No, dyeing your hair a particular colour does not change your personality. But it may help you or someone else understand you a little better. 

What hair colour is the most attractive? 

Research suggests that more people find a brunette sexy, followed by blonde hair. But in the end, beauty is subjective and you know best what hair colour looks good on you. 

What is the most popular hair colour of 2022? 

For 2022, we have had fashion weeks, celebrities and influencers opting for brown hair colour. Brunettes are taking over the beauty scene with different shades and highlights followed by a shade of light brown. Copper highlights and warm red undertones are also all the rage this season as well. 

So, have you figured out what does your hair colour say about you? But these are after all just fun assumptions and you can always colour your hair whatever shade you like!