Most of us relate to the phrase ‘but first, coffee’ at another level, don’t we? I, for sure, find it extremely difficult to start my day or function normally without that first cuppa coffee first thing in the morning. It helps to fully wake me up and gear up for whatever the day has in store for me.

But did you know that your favourite beverage also comes with a number of beauty benefits? Yes, you read that right. Raw coffee beans come with a plethora of hair, skin and health benefits, and the best part is that they are completely safe and natural to use. From reducing cellulite to acting as an amazing scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, the coffee benefits for your skin as endless.

But that’s not all! If you want to make the most of this kitchen staple, then we are here to help. Read on to find out lesser known benefits of coffee for the skin and the different ways in which you can use this ingredient to have beautiful, flawless skin.

About Coffee Benefits

But before we move ahead, let’s find out some fun facts about coffee that we bet you didn’t know about

- Coffee beans are called beans only because of their shape, but in reality, coffee is actually a berry Brazil produces about 40% of the world’s coffee, making it the highest in the world

- Coffee was initially discovered by a goat hoarder after he observed that his goats become super active and energetic after eating the coffee berry

- Drinking coffee reduces the risk of getting Alzheimer’s

- Coffee is considered to be comfort food for people all over the world and it is believed to reduce the risk of depression

coffee benefits for skin

Now let’s look at these points in detail


Reduces under eye puffiness

Reduces under eye puffiness - Coffee benefit for your skin

If you have observed, one of the key ingredients in a lot of eye creams is caffeine. This is because caffeine is a great way to dilate blood vessels. What this means is that when you apply a coffee-based eye cream, it basically works to increase the amount of blood circulation in the area, which leads to a major decrease in the swelling and puffiness. But if you don’t have a coffee-based eye cream on you, it doesn’t mean you can’t reap all the benefits of coffee for your skin! Here’s what you can do instead –

Simply mix together a bit of ground coffee, olive oil and a little water until you have a paste. Apply it to the under eye area and leave it on for a few minutes. Wash it off with water and you’re good to go!


Has antioxidant benefits

Coffee has antioxidant benefits

The free radicals in the environment cause a lot of damage to the skin. These free radicals are formed in the skin due to pollution, stress, vehicle exhaust, smoke, dust, dirt and exposure to the sun. When our skin is exposed to these elements, it goes through a lot of oxidative stress that causes it to look dull, lacklustre and age prematurely. But coffee is filled with antioxidants and helps to ward off these oxidative agents effectively. One of the biggest coffee benefits for skin is that it helps to provide ultimate protection from environmental aggressors.


Brightens skin

Brightens skin - Coffee benefit for your skin

Coffee is not an important ingredient in a lot of scrubs just because of its ability to eliminate dead skin cells. Coffee also has incredible skin brightening properties, and that makes it one of the best ingredients to add to your scrub. Additionally, just like that cup of coffee helps to wake you up each morning, a good coffee face scrub or mask, helps to stimulate your skin and helps it look fresh, bright and glowing. Using a coffee face mask or scrub regularly will brighten up your complexion and make you look radiant and fresh.


Reduces cellulite

Reduces cellulite - Coffee benefit for your skin

Although the effects are temporary, coffee acts as an amazing natural remedy to reduce the appearance of cellulite. When used as a scrub, coffee helps to dilate blood vessels below the skin’s surface for a limited period of time, and this helps considerably in the reduction of cellulite. It makes the skin appear smoother and more even in just a single use. This is a quick and inexpensive way to tighten your skin and give it a more youthful appearance.


Treats acne

Treats acne - Coffee benefit for your skin

If you are someone who constantly struggles with acne and skin inflammation issues, then coffee is that best answer to this problem. Coffee is known to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and works really well against the ones that cause acne. Therefore, a coffee scrub or mask will do really well if you want to reduce the problem of acne and acne scars.