Conditions such as white patches on the face, although not a very common issue, sometimes occur on facial skin. It may happen due to an array of reasons. Fortunately, there are cures for those, whether you seek medical help or you try some home-based solutions. Yes, there are home remedies for white patches on the face and those are actually quite effective.

White patches on the face or body mostly happen due to a skin disorder known as pityriasis alba. It can even be a condition called vitiligo. In any case, if these patches appear on the skin, it is reason enough to alarm you that something abnormal is happening in your body. You should immediately seek a dermatologist’s help. But these home remedies for white patches on the face can act as an effective complementary treatment.

Let’s take a look at some of these remedies that we have put together for you.


Tips to get rid of white patches

Tips to get rid of white patches

Let’s start with some tips and tricks, and some good habits that can definitely help you get rid of these white patches. As you inculcate these in your routine along with the prescribed treatment, it will definitely bring about a change in your skin and diminish the appearance of white patches.

1. Avoid chemicals

Tips to get rid of white patches: Avoid chemicals

Harsh chemicals present in facial cosmetics and cleansers can trigger the conditions that lead to white patches. These chemicals can be in an array of everyday products; from shampoos and conditioners to face washes and body washes, even in laundry detergents. These triggers may also happen due to your perfumes and deos. Try using products with fewer chemicals, zero fragrance and no sulfates and parabens. This will ensure your products are good, replete with potent ingredients.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

Tips to get rid of white patches: Eat fruits and vegetables

To look radiant on the outside, you have to make sure what you put inside your body is equally good. Eating the right fruits and vegetables is good for health and also works against the formation of white patches. It gives your body the right amount of nutrients that strengthen the immune system and fight the free radicals that trigger white patches. Eating the right fruits and vegetables ensures that your body is full of the right vitamins and minerals that make its defence system even stronger. It thus helps prevent white patches, which often occur due to one or the other deficiency.

3. Moisturise your skin

Tips to get rid of white patches: Moisturise your skin

This condition often starts and spreads during the summers or humid seasons. Contrary to popular opinion, your skin needs maximum nourishment during these seasons. This is also the time when the skin gets ripped off its moisture. Hydrate your skin not just from within, but also from the outside. Use petroleum jelly on the affected areas. This softens the scaly and dry patches and hastens the healing process.

4. Choose hypoallergenic products

Tips to get rid of white patches: Choose hypoallergenic products

You may ask, what exactly are hypoallergenic products? We’ll tell you. These are the products that have more good ingredients and minimal chemicals and harsh substances. Harsh chemicals often make your skin lose its lustre, sheen and hydration, leading to white patches and dry, scaly skin. If you have sensitive skin, you are even more prone to such reactions. Use hypoallergenic products as much as possible. Keep a keen eye on the ingredients. Consult your dermatologist and ask them to guide you if you are not sure which products to pick.

5. Apply sunscreen

Tips to get rid of white patches: Apply sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays always have a bad effect on the skin. White patches too are a result of the same. Whenever you step out, whether or not the sun is shining outside, make it a point to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. This will help treat the current white patches on the face and also help prevent further ones from occurring.

6. Wash face with a natural solution

Tips to get rid of white patches: Wash face with a natural solution

Avoid using chemical-based drugstore face washes and cleansers for your face. Harsh and harmful chemicals further aggravate the condition and lead to more white patches. If possible, create homemade cleansers using various herbs and ingredients. Choose the ones that suit your skin the best. There are many options available. Be cautious if you have sensitive skin.


Home remedies for white patches on face

Home remedies for white patches: What natural ingredients can be used?

The key is to find ingredients and herbs that are soothing and anti-inflammatory in nature, at the same time able to tackle excess sebum creation and clear the skin. Neem, aloe vera, basil, etc., are some of these herbs. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Aloe vera

Home remedies for white patches on face 1 : Aloe vera

The first in the list of natural ingredients that are effective as home remedies for white patches on the face, is aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to be a soothing and moisturising agent that is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Try applying fresh aloe vera gel to white patches for around 20 minutes before you wash it off with water. Do this twice a week and you will soon notice results.

2. Neem oil

Home remedies for white patches on face 2: Neem oil

Another great natural ingredient that helps diminish white patches is neem oil. It is antifungal in nature and not only helps calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory nature, but also ensures any discolouration is dealt with. With regular usage, neem oil is effective in tackling white patches on the face.

3. Honey

Home remedies for white patches on face 3: Honey

Honey is a natural moisturiser that is abundant in antioxidants. Directly applying honey on the face gives it a much-needed boost of nutrition and moisture and helps deal with white spots on the face. Apply it on your entire face for half an hour before you rinse it off. You can do this daily for a radiant look that is free of white patches.

4. Basil

Home remedies for white patches on face 4: Basil

Basil is an antibacterial agent that helps ward off germs and free radicals that affect the skin adversely, causing conditions such as white patches. It also tackles discolouration, dryness and pigmentation on the skin. The best way to do it is by making a drink out of basil leaves and drinking it first thing in the morning. Although, if you have certain medications going on, consult with your doctor first. The consultation should also happen if you are allergic or sensitive to certain interactions.

5. Red clay

Home remedies for white patches on face 5: Red clay

White patches often happen due to melanin imbalance in the body. Red clay is a rich copper agent, which is known to restore the melanin levels in the skin. Take one tablespoon of ginger and one of red clay. Blend them together to create a paste and apply to the affected areas, on the white patches. Once it is dry, wash it off. Use it daily for best results.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Home remedies for white patches on face 6: Apple cider vinegar

Do you know that there are certain ‘good’ bacteria in your gut? Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient that helps increase the abundance of these good bacteria. This eases the whole digestion process and helps the body absorb nutrients better, leading to lesser chances of white patches. All you have to do is have 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar diluted in a tall glass, half an hour before your meal. You can have it daily.