Want to learn how to quickly and effectively straighten your hair? Let’s go through 9 easy tips and tricks that will ensure a smooth and sleek look. 

Are you tired of your hair turning wavy by the end of the day after a gruelling session of hair straightening? Or could you do with some hacks that will quicken the whole process? Well, you’re in the right place. Here are 9 easy hair straightening tips that will help you pick up your speed and flaunt your hard work for a longer time. 

hair straightening tips brunette woman washing hair Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture

Hair straightening tips at home 

Start prepping from the shower 

If your hair is frizzy or oily, it could take forever to actually straighten it properly. If it is dry and brittle, you could also end up damaging your hair if you put it through heat. Make sure your hair is hydrated by using the Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner which has nourishing elements like aloe vera, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil. It cleanses hair of excess oil and grime while also strengthening brittle locks so that your hair is ready for your styling.   

Pat your hair dry 

Don’t roughly rub your hair with a towel to dry it. The frizzier it gets, the more difficult it is to straighten. Gently pat your hair and squeeze the excess water out. Using a hairdryer is also usually not recommended since it can turn your hair frizzy. But if you don’t have the time, keep the nozzle pointed downwards and quickly shake the dryer back and forth over your hair. 

hair straightening tips Use the right comb 

Use the right comb 

Yes, there is something as the right comb. Don’t use a nylon or plastic comb as the static just causes more frizz instead of smoothening the hair. If you have curly hair, use a bristle brush as it tames the hair while also guiding it through the flat iron. 

Wait till your hair is dry 

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you shouldn’t rush the hair straightening process. For your masterpiece, patience is the key like waiting till your hair is completely dry before whipping out your flat iron. You should also not have any product on your hair except for a heat-protectant. 

hair straightening tips indian woman Use a heat-protection serum TRESemme Gloss Ultimate Serum

Use a heat-protection serum

By now you must know that heat and hair do not go hand in hand. So to make sure that you don’t burn your hair to a crisp or damage your follicles, always use a heat-protectant product like the TRESemme Gloss Ultimate Serum. It also has coconut, macadamia and sunflower seed oil to keep your hair frizz-free, tame flyaways and keep hair soft and protected. Simply add a few pumps of serum to your palms and evenly spread it through your tresses before straightening them. 

Check the temperature 

One important hair straightening tips at home that every beauty guru abides by is having the correct tools. Opt for a hair straightener where you can play around with the temperature. If it's just right, you won't have to repeatedly put the same lock of hair through the straightener again and again. If you have fine or damaged hair, stick to 100 to 150°C. If you have thick or curly hair, 170-200°C should work well. 

hair straightening tips woman red hair Only do one section at a time 

Only do one section at a time 

Patience is truly a virtue. Stay consistent, persistent and you’ll get salon-like results. Divide your hair into sections to quickly get through the straightening. And make sure that you are done with one whole section before moving to the next so that you don’t miss any strands. If you want even a more detailed tip, in each section, just clamp the iron on to one inch at a time so that the heat is evenly distributed. 

Hold your hair firmly 

Another tip to keep in mind is that if the hair does not go through the clamp properly, it will not straighten in the first go. That is just going to end with a lot of frustrated sighs, tired arms and not straight hair. Make sure that you firmly hold the section of your hair you are straightening. Pull and keep the locks taut when clamping the iron. Be sure to run the iron smoothly and at a slow pace from the top to the tips. 

hair straightening tips woman apply serum on brown hair Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Hair Serum

Hair serum is your best friend 

Hair serums are a godsend as they tame flyaways and frizz, hide any missed strands, hydrate your hair, give a shiny finish and make sure that your straight hair lasts long. What more do you need to convince yourself then? Turn to the Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Hair Serum as it too has aloe, is paraben-free and gives your hair a salon-like finish. Just spray your hair from mid-length to the ends after straightening it. 

FAQs on tips to straighten hair 

What should we apply to hair before straightening? 

Make sure that you use a heat-protectant serum so that your hair is protected against the heat. 

Can I apply oil before straightening? 

One of the most important hair straightening tips includes this one that applies to all hair types is that one should not use anything before straightening. Except for a heat protectant, stay away from oil or any other hair product. Your hair should be product free. 

What kind of shampoo should I use before hair straightening? 

A paraben and sulphate-free shampoo like Tresemme’s Pro Pure collection will let your hair breathe and strengthen while also hydrating your hair so that it doesn’t dry out.