5 mistakes you are making while oiling your hair

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 15, 2019

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, you decide to oil your hair or get that weekly champi from your mom to give your hair a break from the stress of the week. But, did you know you could be doing it wrong? These hair oiling mistakes can make your hair dull and dry and you definitely don’t want that, right?

Regular hair oiling is essential, but there are certain things you should avoid at all costs. So, let’s find out what these mistakes are and whether you’re guilty of committing just one or all!

Combing hair immediately after

As a regular practice, it is natural to reach out for your comb right after oiling your hair to remove tangles. But this is a common mistake and you should avoid it. After a good oil massage, you scalp becomes relaxed and fragile, combing your hair immediately after can cause hair breakage and hair loss. If you have to comb your hair, we suggest you start from the tips and slowly move towards the top.

Keeping it on overnight

Another common mistake that most Indian women make, is to keep the oil on their scalp throughout the night. This will not only make your hair greasy and sticky but also collect dirt from your bed and pillow. This dirt easily gets mixed with your scalp’s natural oils and can cause scalp problems. To avoid this, do not leave oil in your hair for too long.

Oiling when the hair is wet

Some women have the habit of applying oil to wet hair, never commit this mistake. When your hair is wet, your hair follicles are very soft and even the gentlest tugging and pulling can lead to hair loss. So, for the sake of your precious mane, let your hair dry first and then apply oil, if you have to.

Applying too much oil

Even if you have dry hair and scalp, applying excessive oil isn’t going to help. Be generous but don’t apply more than your hair requires. You will also need a lot of shampoo to get rid of the oil and this can rob your hair of its natural, protective oils.

Tying hair too tightly

As mentioned before, you hair follicles become vulnerable and fragile after an oiling session since the scalp is relaxed. Tying your hair too tightly in a bun or braid can weaken the roots and cause hair loss. Tie a loose low ponytail or braid it after an oil massage.