Hair Care Made Easy: Essential Tips And Tricks For Gorgeous Hair

Written by Team BBJul 19, 2023
Hair Care Made Easy: Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair

Do you have those days when your outfit falls apart if your hairstyle doesn’t work? That’s because hair makes up a good chunk of your beauty. That’s why we often catch ourselves wondering: how to take care of hair? Today we’re spilling some secrets that you ought to know if you’re struggling with your hair. Whether you have straight, curly or coloured hair, these tips will help you understand how to take care of hair.   


Hair Care Made Easy: The Basics  

Haircare isn’t as easy as one might think. One wrong move and your hair can react in the most disastrous way possible. But fret not! We’re letting you in on some tried, tested and loved hair care tips. These are 7 universal tips that can work for different textures.  



Tip #1: Be gentle with your hair

Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair 

For healthy hair, you’ve got to show your hair some love. That means no aggressive hair brushing, no DIY bangs, no washing hair with hot water and no using nails for washing your scalp! These are the most common mistakes most people tend to make with their hair and none of them help the hair in the slightest. Our very first suggestion for gorgeous hair will always be to be as gentle with hair as possible.  

Use your fingertips to wash your scalp. Your scalp skin is sensitive enough to get cleansed thoroughly with just the use of your fingers. Once done with shampooing, use lukewarm to cold water to rinse it out. And don’t forget to condition the lengths of your hair! 


Tip #2: Nourish it from within

Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair 

Want to know how to take care of hair naturally? Your grandma and mom have the answer. We love them for never gatekeeping the wonders of hair oil! It’s one beauty ritual that’s been a staple in every Indian household for generations and for all good reasons.  

Every plant found in nature has some benefits, similarly, every hair oil comes with its own advantages. Using the right oil for a good ol’ hair massage and deep moisturisation is great as a hair treatment. Hair oils help nourish every strand, add lustre to the hair and feel super relaxing as well.  

Once or twice a week, use your favourite hair oil and massage it into the roots of your hair. Our top pick for this relaxing session is the Indulekha Bringha Oil. Every bottle of this hair oil contains a blend of trusted, age-old oils such as Bringha (Bhringraj), Amla, Vatadha, Svetakutaja, Virgin Coconut Oil, etc. It effectively reduces hair fall and triggers the growth of new hair.  


#3: Don’t forget hair masks

Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair 

Why hit the salons when we’re telling you how to care for hair at home? Think of hair masks as heavy-duty conditioners. They often have creamy textures that are loaded with superfoods for hair. Every hair mask is formulated for different concerns, but the main idea is to repair damage, and we all can use some of that.  

Incorporate a hair mask at least once in your routine. You can even use a hair mask as a conditioner occasionally for that extra boost of softness. If you have bleached or coloured hair, you could perhaps apply a hair mask twice a week. It’s always a great idea to swap between deep conditioning with hair oil and hair masks to ensure your hair isn’t getting accustomed to one treatment.  

We recommend the Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender, Paraben Free Smooth & Serene Hair Mask. This anti-frizz hair mask is formulated with plant-based ingredients as detanglers and infused with 100% organic coconut oil. It also contains the goodness of Moroccan argan oil that tames frizz and helps nourish strands for smooth and gorgeous hair. And finally, the French lavender essential oil in the mask helps you relax with the calming fragrance. 


Tip #4: Have a hair care routine and be consistent

Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair 

Consistency is key: whether it’s skin, health or hair. Curate a hair care routine that’s feasible for you. While some people can oil their hair every day, leave it on for about 30 minutes and wash up for luscious locks, some might not find the time to even condition post-shampooing. Find a balance that works well for your time and hair. 

If you are unsure about new products in the market, turn to DIY hair masks or hair treatments that can do the job. However, the main goal is to keep giving your hair a burst of nourishment every once in a while, so it grows healthy and stays strong. 

Tip #5: Ditch heat and towels

Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair 

We all reach for the hairdryer, first thing after getting out of the shower. It’s either a hairdryer or a towel securely wrapped around her hair. But did you know both things could be causing harm to your hair? That’s right wrapping your hair with a towel to dry. It might be causing more trouble than you might think. A towel fabric has been proven to be quite abrasive to wrap around hair and can cause hair to get brittle over time.  

Similarly, using heat daily — whether to dry or to style your hair — harms the bonds in the hair and starts to make them weak. Instead, use an oversized old T-shirt and wrap your hair in a T-shirt. A cotton T-shirt is super soft, absorbs water properly and does not tug or break your hair. You can also use a micro-fibre towel. So, a short answer to ‘How to take care of your hair daily at home?’ No more heat and rough towels!  



Tip #6: Consider comfortable hairstyles 

Essential Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Hair 

Recreating your favourite model’s hairstyles straight from fashion shows may cause excessive hair loss and hair breakage. Opt for hairstyles that are comfortable and quite loose, so your hair does not feel pulled the entire day. 

There is a plethora of hairstyles that are comfortable, easy and take literally more time. You can always find inspiration for your new hairstyle on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or even runways and red carpets. A bread fishtail, a simple braid or even a half ponytail will never go out of style. These are just a few of the classic hairstyles that you can try daily.  


Tip #7: Eat right

Your diet is the most important part of your beauty routine. If you eat healthy foods, take your supplements and drink lots of water, it will reflect not only on your skin but also on your hair. Well-nourished and hydrated hair tends to grow longer, stronger and thicker.  

First and foremost, eat protein-rich meals. Include eggs, tofu, chicken, fish and any of your favourite sources of protein in every meal. Fruits with vitamin C are also great for hair. And don’t forget your seeds, dry fruits and nuts when you feel like snacking.  


Tip #8: Don’t wash your hair too frequently  

Who doesn’t like the feeling of fresh, divine hair? We know we do! But washing your hair too much can cause dryness and damage. Excessive shampooing can also lead to a flakey scalp with irritation and hair fall. You end up stripping your scalp of natural (and crucial) moisture with too many hair-wash days. Hence, it is wise to limit your hair wash to only two-three times a week. Of course, washing it back-to-back for special events won’t hurt but making it a habit might lead to troubles.  



FAQs about Hair Care Made Easy… 

Q1: Is there a way to close up split ends?  

Unfortunately, there is no way to seal up split ends. However, you can get your hair trimmed without losing any length. This also keeps your hair healthy and helps grow it longer.  


Q2: How can I tame frizz and unruly hair? 

Try to prevent frizz using a moisturising conditioner and avoid excessive heat styling. Look for anti-frizz serums or leave-in conditioners for your daily routine and use a wide-toothed comb or a brush specifically designed for detangling and minimising frizz. 



Q3: How often should I get my hair trimmed? 

You should get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks to get rid of split ends and dryness at the ends of the hair. These can lead to tangles and hair breakage, so it’s advised to get regular trims.

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