From hydrating the scalp and getting rid of dandruff to helping hair growth, there are several uses for green tea for hair. Well, let us tell you how you can add it to your haircare routine today. 

With tons of superfoods suddenly becoming a part of our beauty regime, green tea for hair is the latest hype. Dust, pollution, dirt and other elements can make your hair sticky, full of grime and leave you with a greasy scalp. To prevent your hair from that damage and to keep odour at bay, you need to clean your hair with a gentle yet deep cleansing and refreshing formula which green tea can provide. 

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Green tea for hair basics   

Is there anything more gentle and refreshing than natural ingredients? We think not! Did you know that green tea has already become a favourite among skincare routines as it prevents dark circles and stubborn acne? Well, let’s take a look at some green tea benefits for hair and add it to your haircare routine for long and lustrous tresses.  

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Green tea benefits for hair   

While you may love a hot cup of kadak chai in the rains, try switching things up. The green tea benefits for hair are many. Don’t believe us? Even just drinking it or applying it to your skin reduces the risk of cancer and gets rid of acne. Similarly, it can also work its magic on our hair from sealing split ends to restoring the natural shine of dull hair. 

Prevents split ends   

Split ends are a common hair problem that signals weak, dry and brittle hair. Using green tea for hair offers a long-term solution to this problem by repairing hair from root to tip. It contains vitamin B which moisturises hair, controls hair breakage and prevents split ends. 

Adds a healthy shine  

If your hair lacks lustre or looks dull then it definitely needs some deep nourishment. When it comes to natural ingredients, look no further than green tea for hair. It also contains vitamin E which makes hair soft, shiny and smooth. It even acts like a great exfoliator and detoxes your hair from the harmful external aggressors that might damage it. 

green tea for hair woman brown hair

Gets rid of dandruff  

Did you know that this magical leaf is loaded with catechins? This means it is anti-inflammatory in nature and soothes flaky skin and an irritated scalp. Apart from fungal infections, it also clears the scalp of dandruff. Green tea protects the hair follicles from getting blocked by dead skin cells, an annoying side effect of dandruff, and in turn, promotes hair growth. 

Reduces hair fall  

The caffeine present in green tea can help in blocking DTH -- the hormone that causes baldness. Apart from this, the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Not only that, it strengthens the hair strands so that they don’t break. 

Moisturises hair 

We have yet again another benefit thanks to green tea containing vitamin B. This means that the tea leaves are a potent hydrating agent. This is why it is often used in hair conditioners and creams. So, say goodbye to dry and dehydrated hair, as it easily locks in moisture and makes your hair soft. 

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Controls oily scalp 

Yep, green tea is not only a cure for dry hair but also for oily hair. If you struggle with oily skin and an oily scalp, green tea is your answer. It controls oil production and clears clogged roots. It even helps the hair follicles breathe since it has antimicrobial properties.  

Promotes hair growth 

When used topically, the polyphenol content in green tea can help disinfect and nourish your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Tea rinses can also help soothe and calm inflamed scalps, and promote cell rejuvenation to inhibit hair fall and boost new hair growth. If that wasn’t enough, the vitamin E and polyphenols in it fight free radicals and prevents damage to the follicles. 

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How to use green tea for hair  

Now that we know about the numerous benefits, how to use green tea for hair? By adding it to your haircare routine, get ready to get a professional pampering session through your own fingertips. While in-salon treatments refresh your mane, leaving them feeling lighter and rejuvenated, you can achieve the same results at home without spending a penny. All you need to do is a tea rinse or hair pack with green tea. 

Tea rinse 

Through a tea rinse, you can get the most out of the caffeine and tannins that are in green tea. These two compounds reduce inflammation and strengthen hair cells. This method also maximises all of the benefits that green tea boasts of. Tea rinses help nourish dry hair, promote new hair growth and even alleviate dryness. So, if we have piqued your curiosity for tea rinses, here’s how to do it. 

Tea rinses can be done once a week and are easy to prepare as well.  

  • Brew a cup of green tea in boiling water for five minutes. Make sure it is unflavoured and unsweetened. Then set it aside to cool.  

  • Shampoo and condition your hair with a mild and paraben-free shampoo that has a detoxifying formula like Tresemme Nourish and Replenish Shampoo to cleanse your hair. It hydrates, treats oily scalp and stimulates blood circulation, bettering the health of your hair. We’ll let you in on a secret, this shampoo also has vitamins A, B, C and E prepping your hair for the tea rinse. 

  • Next, pour your brewed tea into a spray bottle and spritz it all over your wet hair.  

  • Leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes and cover your head with a shower cap.  

  • Rinse it off thoroughly with cold water and you’re done! 

Hair pack 

If you like your cup of green tea with honey, why not try making a hair pack out of it too? Like the leaves, honey has several medicinal properties from strengthening hair strands to hydrating the scalp. It also softens rough and dry hair as honey is a natural moisturiser. Apply this pack once a week for best results. 

  • Cut open a green tea bag or add a tablespoon of green tea leaves to one tablespoon of honey. 

  • Add a few drops of lemon juice and mix the paste well. 

  • Apply the mask from the roots to the end and massage for 10 minutes. 

  • Wash it off with cold water and a mild shampoo. 

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Are there any cons of green tea for hair? 

Since green tea is a natural remedy, there are no harsh chemicals or side effects of applying it topically to your hair or even your skin. However, simply drinking it is not enough. Drinking green tea for hair does not stop hair fall nor aid hair growth. If you truly want to see a change, you will have to apply it to your hair through hair packs or hair rinses. 

FAQs on green tea for hair 

Can I use a green tea spray on my hair every day? 

Yes, you can use a green tea spray daily to keep dry hair hydrated. Since it is not sticky, you do not need to rinse it either. 

Is there any side effects to leaving green tea in my hair? 

No, there are no risks to leaving green tea in your hair. In fact, it maximises its benefits by hydrating your hair and encouraging the growth of hair. 

How often should I use a green tea hair pack? 

You can use a hair pack made of green tea twice to thrice a week. 

Does green tea cause grey hair? 

No, applying or drinking green tea does not cause grey hair. In fact, it has panthenol, which actually helps in slowing down the greying of hair. 

You already know that most teas are loaded with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. But green tea for hair is truly a hidden gem that you need to add to your haircare if you want to stop hair fall, amp up the hair growth speed while also never experiencing dandruff ever again.