Most teenagers are big on beauty trends and love experimenting with their hair! And why not, teenage is indeed the right time to find out what hairdo suits you best. Some teens go crazy with haircuts, some dye it in beautiful hues while some stick to safe subtle styling—each one picks their style according to their personality.

Styles and haircuts for teenage girls come in all shapes and lengths and obviously, there is a haircut for everyone. They say “a good haircut can change your look and your mood” and we can’t agree more to this! Haircuts for teenage girls are supposed to be chic, stylish, easy to maintain and super trendy. Well, scroll down to find your best haircut match...


Textured Bob Cut

Textured Bob Cut for teenage girls

Got new rules? You gotta work ‘em out just like Dua Lipa! If you’ve ever looked at Dua Lipa and fallen in love with her effortlessly textured short hair then you’ll know what we are talking about. The textured waves falling over your shoulder looks perfect as a haircut for teenage girls, it makes you look confident and super chic.


French Bob Haircut

French Bob Haircut for teenage girls

French Bob Haircut is a squared off haircut with prominent heavy bangs, it is a you-can’t-miss style statement and quite trendy in 2019. It gives an interesting texture to your hair while creating a structural drama closer to your jawline. French bob also helps to draw the attention to your neck lowering down the collarbone. So, if you’re this tall girl with an angular face, this haircut for teenage girls is totally the one for you.


High Ponytail

High Ponytail  haircut for teenage girls

Best suited hairstyle for teenage girls and under 25 girls, this hair statement is effortless and a sure way to hide your bad hair days. Just tie a high pony, you can easily add hair accessories to make it appear higher. There’s a peculiar cheerful vibe of this hairstyle, don’t you think? Surely reminds us of Ariana!


Bangs all the way

Bangs  way haircut  for teenage girls

The bangs are the coolest haircut for teenage girls are definitely going nowhere, it’s here to stay and it’s going to make you fall in love with your new look. The best part about bangs is that it assures that you have long hair along with short bangs that beautifully frame your face. This haircut for girls is classic yet trendy. To add more glamour you can go for bangs that are slightly longer than the usual length and easy to maintain. So when you don’t want it, you can always pull it back.


Easy cropped haircut

Easy cropped haircut for teenager girls

Haircuts for teenage girls are getting bolder and better every passing year, now the cropped hairstyle for girls has been around since quite some time now. From Halsey to Miley Cyrus we have seen everyone carrying of cropped haircut with utmost grace, and so can you! It’s the easy hairstyle to maintain and what’s more? You’ll hardly see any bad hair day with this hairstyle. The best part about this haircut is that it is super low maintenance.


Long layers

Long layers haircut for teenage girls

If you’re a fan of long hair then this haircut for teenage girls is definitely the perfect one for you. The long layers add dramatic texture and volume to your hair making it look fuller and bouncy. You can just leave your hair open and slay any look with any kinda outfit.


Asymmetric bob cut

Asymmetric bob haircut for teenage girls

Haircuts for teenage girls should be edgy and bold and an asymmetric bob cut is just that. It adds an interesting dimension to your look while nicely shaping your face making it look contoured. You can try this haircut for curly ​and straight hair.


Choppy uneven layers

Choppy uneven layers haircut for teenage girls

If you’re looking for a fun, voluminous and supremely textured hair, choppy uneven layers have been charting the list of haircut for teenage girls. The uneven layers add an interesting movement to your hair.


The bold undercut

The bold undercut haircut for teenage girls

As we said, the haircuts in 2019 are getting bolder and better. The undercut screams ‘badass’ and it’s one of the most experimental and edgy looks out there. The best part is that your one side undercut can be easily covered with your hair whenever you want to and flaunt it when you’re out there making a style statement.