Among different types of hair bangs, curtain bangs 2020 lockdown style is still one of the top hair trends. Here, we discuss how you can cut curtain bangs at home and style it by yourself. Don’t miss anything about the curtain bangs haircut, and you won’t regret this hairstyle change! 

Curtain Bangs: Everything You Need to Know: The Basics 

We assume that layered curtain bangs trend, which came back from 70s, become so massive now, because hairstyles with curtain bangs are various, complimentary for all face shapes, and suitable for any hair length. You can try curtain bangs with short hair, curtain bangs with long hair, or bob with curtain bangs, as well as choose the desirable thickness, shape and length of your bangs. So, go straight to the first tip which helps you to create your dreamy curtain bangs. 

Curtain Bangs: Top Tips 

curtain bangs woman long brown hair


1. Choose the Style you Want 

As we mentioned before, curtain bangs is one of the most various hairstyle, that you can adapt to any face shape and hair length. Decide if you want thick and long curtain bangs, medium curtain bangs with layers, or wispy curtain bangs. Overall, before changing your hairstyle either by yourself or in salon, you should always search for photo references that you like. But be attentive and pick up photos with similar hair types as you have, because cuts look different on thick or thin, straight, wavy or curly hair.

curtain bangs woman long brown hair fake bangs


Before cutting, you can also try fake bangs. To create it, just make a high ponytail, separate a few strands and let them flow to your forehead, then twist the remaining hair in a bun. That’s such an easy way to test, if you would like to have bangs, and don’t regret a cut.

curtain bangs woman long brown hair


2. Wash your Hair Before Cutting 

Once you’ve chosen what shape, thickness and length your bang hairstyle should be, start with washing your hair. Though, there is a dry cut technique for curly hair, it’s generally recommended to cut damp hair. To add volume to your layers, we suggest trying the Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Sulfate Free Volume and Bounty Shampoo and Conditioner. They are infused with natural extracts, don’t contain harsh ingredients, make your hair thicker and leave a delicate scent on your tresses.

curtain bangs woman long brown hair


3. How to Cut Curtain Bangs 

Now we have reached the most exciting part! 

  • Make sure you have good scissors and a hair comb with closely placed bristles. 

  • Create a central parting and separate face framing hair that you want to cut. 

  • Make sure your hair is damp and pay attention to the fact, that damp hair is slightly longer that dry. So, don’t start with cutting too short — then you can always check the result and make it a little bit shorter afterwards. 

  • There are basically 3 ways of how to cut your curtain bangs — separate your hair into two equal parts and make diagonal cuts, cut the middle and side sections separately, or simply twist and cut

  • Choose the method you like most, comb your hair and finally do the cut.

curtain bangs woman long brown hair


4. Trim your Hair Tips 

To create that fluffy layered curtain bang hairstyles look, it’s recommended to slightly trim your hair tips after cutting them. Hold your scissors in vertical position and trim your hair ends.

curtain bangs woman long brown hair high bun


5. Style your Curtain Bangs 

How to style curtain bangs? To create the trendiest look, you need to gather your whole bangs and lift the roots by curling them inwards. Then separate your bangs into two equal parts and curl the ends of each part outwards and to the sides. This can be done with a round brush and blow dryer, hair straightener or a curling wand. That’s how you can wear short hair with curtain bangs, long bob with curtain bangs, loose long hair with curtain bangs, or combine it with high or low buns and ponytails.

side curtain bangs woman long brown hair wavy


If your curtain bangs is medium length, you may not separate it in the middle, just add volume to your strands and let them flow down your forehead. For long curtain bangs, side part styling is a nice option, too. If you’re using hot tools to create your bang hairstyles, don’t forget about applying thermal protection to your hair. It’s very important, especially for bangs and face framing hair that are mostly prone to breakage and splitting, but require every day styling.

curtain bangs styling TRESemmé Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum 

TRESemmé Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum 

Before styling, you can apply to your hair TRESemmé Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum, that is infused with the goodness of coconut, macadamia and sunflower seed oil. This product nourishes your hair and makes it more manageable, boosts shine and adds smoothness, helps to style and protects your hair from heat damage. 

How to Use the Product Optimally 

Add a few pumps of serum to your palms, then evenly apply to your damp tresses and spread through the hair layers. Now your hair is nourished and ready for styling! 

FAQs about Curtain Bangs: Everything You Need to Know 

Q1 How to style curtain bangs without heat? 

To style your fringe curtain bangs, you may not need heat styling tools. Instead, stock up with medium-sized or large hair rollers, or a curling headband. Apply a styling mousse or salt spray to your bangs, curl the roots inwards, and the sides of your bangs outwards. This may take 15-20 minutes, but you can do your makeup in the meanwhile.

side curtain bangs woman long brown hair


Q2 Is curtain bangs for round face complimentary? 

Girls with round face shape are often aware of cutting bangs, because sometimes they can make your face visibly shorter and wider. But round face and curtain bangs may be a great match, if you choose the right variant of this versatile hairstyle. Pick long face framing Korean curtain bangs or waft fringe hairstyle. Try to avoid sharp cuts, but make your curtain bangs for round face slightly textured and choppy. Do not choose too thick curtain bangs on round face, and when styling, separate it in the middle, or wear side curtain bangs, that visibly makes your face longer and thinner. 

Q3 How to hide curtain bangs? 

Don’t worry if you get tired of long curtain bangs, because there are options to quickly hide it: wear hair clips, a headband or a headscarf, create a French braid right from your forehead, or slick your bangs back in a wet hair style with a hair gel. 

Hope now you’ve learned a lot more about how to cut and style curtain bangs at home by yourself, also check the celebrity inspired hacks to style your bangs.