We dread styling our frizz-prone hair, don’t we? Most of our looks are characterised by stray strands of hair jeopardising our slicked-back style, flyaways peeking out of sky-high ponytails, and a mop of hair just sitting atop our heads. And regardless of what we do, our hair springs back to a frizzled mess almost immediately.

Frizz is triggered by a lack of moisture in our hair. Is there a solution to this ever-present issue that doesn’t bring into conversation the possibility of trying out in-salon chemical-ridden treatments or heat-styling tools (more like frizz-inducing tools)? Duh! Of course there is. We wouldn’t have gone on a paragraph-long rant about the infuriating nature of our hair without a solution. And it’s a pretty straightforward one: the right haircuts! We’ve rounded up fifteen of the best haircuts for hair that’s frizzy - and we’re loving each look. And most of them don't require much styling or maintenance. They're more of wash-and-go haircuts, and who doesn't love those?

A tip from us? Don't go too short unless we've recommended a specific style that works for your hair. It's a fact that short hair is not the best at containing frizz as compared to longer cuts.


01. A face-framing long-layered cut

A face-framing long-layered cut

Image Courtesy: @southernliving


Adding layers to your tresses perfects the ‘messy bedhead’ look, and tames your frizziness at the same time. And you don’t have to spend too much time styling your hair either - it’s more of a ‘woke up like this’ style, isn’t it? The low-maintenance cut frames your face effortlessly - and it’s so chic! Avoid too many short layers to prevent puffiness.


02. A textured bob

A textured bob

Image Courtesy: @latesthairstyles


This is a deviation from your usual style, isn't it? Stay with us. We’re not referring to the slicked-back, stick-straight bob. This is another iteration of the cut - voluminous, messy, and choppy. And since this bob has a life of its own, it isn’t jeopardised by a little frizz here and there. You can add bangs to dramatise the look as well.


03. Bangs and waves

Bangs and waves

Image Courtesy: @hairstyleology

Bangs and waves are a powerful French-girl combination for messy hair. Another low-maintenance cut that doesn't require excessive styling, this look is just so chic - and it embraces the nature of your hair flawlessly.


04. A shoulder-length shag

A shoulder-length shag

Image Courtesy: @shannontatucain


An iconic haircut, the shag is a sultry, edgy, and messy style that camouflages your frizz casually. Defined by layers, the wash-and-go cut has multiple iterations, and it's been a classic for decades. Recently, shoulder-length vacations of the haircut have been claiming centre-stage - what with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kaia Gerber fashioning their looks with this style.


05. Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs

Image Courtesy: @latesthairstyles


This cut is centred around the upper parts of your hair. Naturally, it removes unnecessary attention from the frizz. Additionally, full-fringe bangs are known to play up the size of your forehead. This style, on the other hand, plays it down.


06. An asymmetric bob

An asymmetric bob

Image Courtesy: @hairadviser

Another variation of the iconic bob, this style is characterised by an uneven cut that's longer on one side - and shorter on the other. You can ask your stylist to customise the bob to highlight the best features of your face - a smooth, polished shoulder-length version or one with face-framing layers and bangs. It's just so versatile!


07. A pixie cut

A pixie cut

Image Courtesy: @hairadviser

We're not kidding. There's absolutely no frizz involved in this cut. Remember Miley Cyrus' style back when she was having a meltdown on a wrecking ball? Think Katy Perry in Swish Swish. Very edgy. And you can customise the look with a dishevelled bob, jagged cut, wispy bangs, side-swept bangs, and so much more! One thing's clear - this is a sure-fire hairstyle.


08. A long wavy bob

A long wavy bob

Image Courtesy: @therighthairstyles


Make you frizz a part of your style with a long wavy bob. This chin-grazing cut is a little longer than the traditional bob. Even a shoulder-length cut looks flattering. Interspersed with waves, this bob is a modern, tousled cut that embraces the texture of your hair.


09. A shag with curtain bangs

A shag with curtain bangs

Image Courtesy: @glamour

If your hair is long, and you're not comfortable with the idea of chopping too much of it off, opt for a longer shag with wispy curtain bangs grazing your forehead. Just the right amounts of messy and sultry. Don't you agree?


10. A shag with birkin bangs

A shag with birkin bangs

Image Courtesy: @popsugar

Yes, you're right. These bangs require maintenance because they end right above the eyelashes or under the eyebrows; but they play into the messy look so well that your frizz looks almost intentional. And if you have a heart or oval-shaped face, this feathery texture will flatter you very well.


11. A long curly lob

A long curly lob

Image Courtesy: @latesthairstyles

If your hair is thick and curly, why not opt for a lob? Sounds daunting, but let's indulge your curiosity a little. A lob is much like a bob - the only difference is that it's a little longer than a bob, ending right above the collarbone. This cut is casual and charming, and you can ask your stylist to work a few shorter layers into the style for some texture.


The don'ts of frizzy hair

The don'ts of frizzy hair


Don't wash your hair every day

Don't wash your hair every day

If you're washing your hair frequently, you're stripping your strands of their natural oils, and stripping the moisture out of them. This just worsens the frizz. Try to limit your washes to twice or thrice a week. During winters, don't wash your hair with very hot water because this, too, can strip off your hair’s moisture. Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent drying.


Steer clear of heat-styling tools

Steer clear of heat-styling tools

Reaching out for our blow-dryers after we’ve washed our hair is almost a reflex. The reality though is that any application of heat draws moisture out of our hair - which is why we suggested not washing your hair with hot water. Switch to air-drying instead. And, oh, swear off of that straightener and curler.


Don't scrub your wet hair with a towel

Don't scrub your wet hair with a towel

Scrubbing your hair with a towel roughens the cuticles, and leads to the swelling of your strands. This results in friziness. Just dab your hair with a towel. Or use a microfiber towel instead. The latter is gentle on your dry hair, and absorbs water quickly — so there’s less tugging, pulling, and rubbing going on. And because these towles have small fibres, they don’t tangle your hair. This results in reduced friction and strain, and in turn, less breakage.


Don't over-brush your hair

Don't over-brush your hair

Don't brush your hair roughly - especially when it's wet. This can damage your cuticles, and mess up the texture of your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb at all times, and comb starting at the ends and work your way to the top.




1) Why is my hair so frizzy and poofy?

Frizz is a result of a lack of moisture in the hair. You're probably washing your hair with extremely hot water, slathering the wrong products onto your scalp (formulas containing sulphates, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals), lightening/bleaching/colouring your hair, living in a city that's humid, and overwashing, excessively exfoliating, or towel-drying your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you're more likely to experience frizz.

2) How do I permanently get rid of frizzy hair?

A few corrective methods, and you're well on your way to bidding farewell to frizz. Just avoid the self-sabotaging habits mentioned above, indulge in deep-conditioning masks for the hair, use a sulphate-free moisture-based shampoo and conditioner, invest in silk pillowcases, select the correct haircut for your texture, and layer your tresses with a serum every now and then.

3) Should frizzy hair be layered?

Try adding multiple longer layers to your hair if they're thick or wavy. Shorter pieces just add to the puffiness of your hair. If your hair is thin, a few layers will play up the volume instantly. And if your hair is short, don't go in for layers. Just ask your stylist to frame your hair a little to settle the frizz. Remember that it's all dependent on the texture, volume, and type of hair you're dealing with.