From Thin To Thick: How To Boost Hair Volume

Written by Kinnari AsharJun 29, 2023
From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

Picture this: you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and can't help but smile at the reflection staring back—a radiant you with stunning, voluminous hair that turns heads wherever you go. We understand the frustration of dealing with flat, low volume hair that lacks that va-va-voom factor. The reasons for limp hair are aplenty, from genetics to styling habits. But fret not! In this article, we're about to unleash a treasure trove of secrets on how to increase hair volume. We'll delve into practical tips, proven techniques, and game-changing products that will transform your thin, dull mane into a magnificent, head-turning masterpiece. Get ready to take the leap and discover how to turn your hair from thin to thick, leaving you feeling empowered and ready to conquer the world! 

From Thin to Thick: The Basics  

Understanding why our hair falls flat is the first step towards achieving that enviable volume. Factors like genetics, improper styling techniques, and product buildup can all contribute to the problem. But fear not, because voluminous hair can truly transform your look. It adds dimension, boosts your confidence, and takes your style to a whole new level. Let us dive into practical strategies, insider tips, and game-changing products to help you learn how to add volume to hair and turn your thin strands into a glorious, thick mane

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume   

Here are some tried-and-true techniques to increase hair volume. 

1. Choose the right haircut 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

A layered or textured haircut is a game-changer for creating the illusion of thicker hair. Layers add movement and dimension, while a textured cut adds body and volume throughout. Consult with your hairstylist to find the best volumizing haircuts for thin hair that suits your hair type and face shape. 

2. Blow-dry upside down 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

If you want to know how to get volume in hair, blow dry your hair upside down. This simple yet effective technique provides an instant lift at the roots. After washing your hair, flip your head upside down and blow-dry from the roots to the ends. This method helps to create natural volume and lift, setting the foundation for a high volume hair style. 

3. Use volumizing products 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

Invest in quality hair volume products, such as shampoos, conditioners and masks, hair volume sprays, and mousses, specifically designed to boost hair volume. Look for formulas that add thickness and texture without weighing down your hair. Apply these products from root to tip to achieve maximum volume and body

If you are looking for a hair volume shampoo, try out the Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Sulfate Free Volume and Bounty Shampoo. This is the best volumizing shampoo for thin hair and is formulated with ingredients specifically chosen to enhance hair volume. Infused with natural coconut water sourced from sustainable farms in the Philippines, it provides lightweight moisture to nourish your hair without weighing it down. The delicate Mimosa flower extract from Morocco adds a boost of vitality and helps create fuller-looking hair. Together, these ingredients work harmoniously to cleanse your scalp, promote a healthier hair environment, and give your locks the volume and bounce you desire. 

Follow it up with the Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Paraben Free Volume and Bounty Conditioner. Enriched with natural ingredients, this conditioner is your secret to luscious, fuller-looking hair. The infusion of ethically sourced coconut water from the Philippines provides lightweight hydration, ensuring your locks feel nourished without any heaviness. The fresh essence of Mimosa flower from Morocco enhances the volumizing experience, while the 100% organic coconut oil seals in moisture, giving your hair the freedom to flow with strength and bounce.  

4. Tease with care 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

If you are wondering how to increase volume of hair naturally, backcombing or teasing is a classic technique to add height and fullness to your hair. Take small sections of hair near the crown, hold them taut, and gently comb downwards towards the roots with a fine-tooth comb. Remember to be gentle and avoid excessive teasing, as it can lead to damage. Once you've achieved the desired volume, lightly brush the surface of your hair to smooth out the teased sections. 

5. Embrace dry shampoo 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver volumizer for hair for adding volume and texture, especially on days when your hair needs a refresh. Spray dry shampoo at the roots, focusing on areas that lack volume. Gently massage the product into your scalp to absorb excess oil and create instant lift and body. 

6. Change your parting 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

Simply changing your hair parting can make a noticeable difference in creating volume. Experiment with a deep side or zigzag parting to add lift and dimension to your hair. This technique helps to create natural-looking volume at the roots and adds interest to your overall hairstyle

6. Avoid heavy styling products 

From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume

Heavy gels, creams, and serums can weigh down your hair, making it appear flat and lifeless. Opt for lightweight products such as a hair volume mousse that provide texture and hold without sacrificing volume. Look for products labelled as “volumizing” or “weightless” to add structure and fullness to your hair without compromising its natural movement. 

By following these steps, you're on your way to achieving the hair volume of your dreams. Get ready to step into a world of confidence, where your hair speaks volumes about your style. 

FAQs about From Thin to Thick: How to Boost Hair Volume 

How to increase hair volume female naturally? 

If you are wondering how to get volume in hair naturally, you can try using volumizing shampoos and conditioners, blow-drying your hair upside down, incorporating regular scalp massages, avoiding heavy styling products, and maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. 

What is the best volume haircut for thin hair to look thicker? 

The best volume haircut for thin hair to create the illusion of thickness is typically a layered cut. Layers add movement and texture, giving the appearance of fuller, voluminous hair. You can consult with a hairstylist to find the perfect layered haircut that suits your face shape and hair type. 

What are the hair volume powder side effects? 

Hair volume powders generally have minimal side effects. However, excessive use or improper application can lead to product buildup or a dry scalp. It's important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use the powder in moderation to avoid any potential side effects.  

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