All of us face scalp and hair issues and if you are someone who has an oily scalp—then hair issues are only inevitable!

An oily scalp in turn can lead to uncomfortable itching, dandruff and thousand other problems. Not just this, it can also make your scalp prone to infections and hair fall as well. And with winter just around the corner, it’s very important to take proper care of your scalp—or you’ll land with even more hair problems.

Read on as we bring you some simple hair care tips and tricks…


Read on to find out…


#1 Wash your hair thrice a week

Wash your hair thrice a week

Washing your hair is the key step to get rid of an oily scalp. Your pores secrete oil from your glands and make your scalp greasy and oily. Regularly washing your hair with a suitable product will prevent your scalp from excessive oil build-up and keep your hair healthy.

Rinse your hair 2-3 times a week. If you work out a lot, you can wash your hair every alternate day. Ensure that you use chemical free shampoos for washing your hair.


#2 Shampoo properly

Shampoo properly

Not just shampooing your hair, but also how you do it plays a very important role in maintaining an oil-free scalp. Make sure you dilute the product with water, lather it up and then gently massage it onto your scalp. Rinse your hair well so there is no product left in your hair or on your scalp. Avoid using hot water as it does no good to your scalp. 


#3 Conditioner on scalp is a big no-no

Conditioner on scalp is a big no-no

It doesn’t matter whether you have an oily or a dry scalp, applying conditioner on your scalp is a strict no. It makes your scalp greasy, promotes hair fall and bacterial growth. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply conditioner at all. Apply it only to the tips of your tresses and work your way upwards. Stop exactly 2 inches away from the scalp.


#4 Watch what you eat

Watch what you eat

Your diet plays a very important role in maintaining your scalp’s health. Oily and fried food must be avoided if you are suffering from an oily scalp. Replace saturated fats with a balanced diet healthy fats and carbs. Try including Omega-3 in your diet as it promotes the health of your scalp and reduces the oil secretion. You can always go for green vegetables and fruits as they are natural hair supplements and keep your scalp healthy.


#5 Stay away from heat tools

Stay away from heat tools

We understand your love for your hair straightener and the curling wand, but have you ever thought about the damage it does to your hair. If you have an oily scalp, heat tools are your worst enemies. They make your scalp greasy, hair weak and damage your tresses in the longer run. If you still want to style your hair, try going for no-heat styling methods and save your hair from the unforeseen damage.


#6 Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue

Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue

Regular secretion of oil from the glands of your scalp can promote fungal infection on your scalp. And when the infection grows out of control, it can cause your scalp to get oily, irritated and even cause dandruff. The best way to fight fungal infections is to rinse your mane with Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes!

When diluted in the right amount, rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar can remove oil buildup on your scalp, maintaining the pH, and reduce the frizz. All you need to do is mix 2-3 tbsp of ACV with 2 cups of water and apply it on your scalp. Next, rinse your hair with cold water. Apply this at least two or three times a week.


#7 Clean your brushes regularly

Clean your brushes regularly

Clean your brushes regularly, ladies. Using brushes for an oily scalp can accumulate a lot of bacteria and dirt on your brushes. And obviously, if you don’t clean them, the bacteria will grow further. Using dirty and unclean brushes to comb your hair will not only instigate an unhealthy scalp but also make your scalp more oily. Make it a habit to wash all your brushes with a mild shampoo once every 5 days. Also, change your brushes every 2 months for best hygiene practice.


#8 Try an egg yolk hair mask

Try an egg yolk hair mask

Egg yolks are packed with high sulphur contents and protein that work like magic for an oily scalp. Not only this, but it can help strengthen your hair while providing it with a softer, silkier appearance. Yolk maintains the pH balance of your scalp and reduces the oil secretion too, without making your hair dry. Make yourself a hair mask with 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp coconut oil and few drops of lemon. Apply this evenly on your scalp and let it sit for good 20-25 minutes. Next, rinse thoroughly with cold water. Do it at least once a week for maximum result.