Layered Cuts For Long Hair: 7 Gorgeous Haircut Ideas For Every Hair Type

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Layered cuts for long hair: 7 gorgeous haircut ideas for every hair type

Growing your hair long and maintaining it is a huge responsibility and not everyone can commit to it. While some can’t genetically manage to go beyond a certain length, others struggle with problems like dryness and brittle hair. There are also a few women who think long hair is a huge burden, because let’s accept it, it can get really heavy and requires maintenance. Going about your daily activities with long and thick hair can be frustrating. But cutting your hair short and giving up on your love for long hair is not the solution. Layered cuts for long hair is the answer to this problem, it looks stunning on every hair type, minus the ‘heavy’ feeling. In this article, we will show you seven gorgeous layered haircuts for long hair.

But before that, if you still need some convincing or want to know the benefits of getting a layered haircut, here you go!

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

With so many reasons and benefits, we bet you now want to see how layer cuts for long hair can look on different hair textures. Scroll down to see them all!


1. Long, feathered layer

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

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A popular haircut in the 70s, the long, feathered layer is slowly making its way back into the current trend. While back in the day it was a popular choice among both men and women, today it has found most takers amongst women. Feathered layers look fab on every hair length and texture, with the final look resembling the layering of feathers in birds. If you have straight fine hair, this layer cut for long hair will look gorgeous as it will add volume and texture without taking away a lot of body. The final results may vary from one hair type to the other.


2. Messy cut with choppy layers

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Image courtesy: @timm.morrison

Women with long hair have always had to handle a lot of responsibility when caring for their tresses. This haircut is the exact opposite of that. It promises easy handling and looks better when messy. For this version of a layered cut for long hair, your hairstylist won’t go for precision, opting instead to cut your hair in random choppy layers to give it that messy look. However, you need to be careful while styling this haircut as the stringy ends can ruin your look. If you have straight, long hair makes sure you style them into loose waves. Again, don’t be too careful or precise while styling, just creates inward and outward waves on your hair to enhance the look.


3. Bouncy layers

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Image courtesy: @lisa_andoandyun_sunter

Do you often wish for long, slightly curly hair that would bounce as you walked around? Well guess what, this layered cut can give you just that. Ask for bouncy layers on your next visit to your hairstylist, but remember, you will need to style it every time you shampoo your hair. The right way to do this is by ironing the layers upwards to add some spring and body to your long hair. The final look should create three-tiered tresses, doesn’t it look gorgeous?


4. Curly layers with highlights

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Image courtesy: @sangte_as_a_stylist

As if long hair isn’t difficult enough to manage, if you have curls, it can seem even more daunting sometimes. That's when layer cuts for long hair come into the picture because layers will emphasize your curls adding a happy, bouncy feel to it while taking away all that extra weight. When it comes to styling your hair, apply lots of styling cream or serum and scrunch up your curls. If your hair is wavy, simply spritz some texturizing spray to create beachy waves. This trendy haircut is sure to turn some heads, are you ready?


5. Gradient layers with curtain bangs

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Image courtesy: @ceremonyportland

Bangs can be face-framing and they can help with both, enhancing some features while softening some others. This particular combination of brunette and blonde hair with curtain bangs looks stunning and effortlessly stylish. You wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair, as it’s pretty stylish in its own natural way. No matter what your hair type, this look looks good on all, straight, wavy or curly hair. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book that appointment!


6. Sleek straight layers

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Image courtesy: @nataly_rks

If you have sleek hair naturally and don’t mind sporting blunt edges, then this layered cut for you. An effortless way to glam up your long hair, this haircut will look particularly stunning on straight hair. For styling, just invest in a quality blow dryer, a round brush and a hair straightener to achieve the look shown in the picture. For festive events and occasions, you can curl the ends to make it look even more glamorous. When done right, this hairstyle can also make your face appear slightly slimmer.


7. Long layers with highlights

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Image courtesy: @xexhair

Long hairstyles with layers complement any hair texture, but while choosing a highlight colour, choose something that’s closer to your natural hair as this will create an attention-grabbing look. Talk to your hairstylist about the kind of result you are expecting and trust them to create a look that best suits your face shape and personality. A good way to add life to your dull and limp hair, this layered cut for long hair will surely transform your overall look.


FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

FAQs about layered cuts for long hair

Q. Which haircut is best suited for long hair?

A. Apart from layers, there are a lot of haircuts you can opt for if you have long hair. These include straight cuts, tapered ends, front cuts, U-cuts and more. It all depends on your face shape and the texture of your hair.

Q. What is the latest haircut trend for long hair?

A. Layered haircuts suit long hair like no other but a V-shaped haircut is highly recommended for long and thick hair. It is low maintenance and you won’t have to spend too much time on styling.

Q. Is long hair trending?

A. If you get the right colour and cut, a long hairstyle is definitely trending in 2020. Long hair can be styled in layers, textures, beachy waves, shags and ombré shades to make it look trendy.

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