Jaborandi Hair Oil Is The Hero Product You Didn’t Know Your Hair Needed!

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Jaborandi hair oil is the hero product you didn’t know your hair needed!

Hair oils do a lot for your hair. From promoting hair growth to maintaining the health of your mane, oiling regularly is the most convenient and economical form of hair treatment there is. While you always took those soothing oil champis of childhood for granted back then, you now realise their importance and how they’ve saved your hair from damage ever since.

Just like your skin, your hair too is exposed to harsh UV rays, pollution and grime, and not to forget, heat-styling tools that you are using almost all the time. While it’s not easy to give up on those curling irons and blow-dryers (they keep your hair tamed after all!), it is important that you give your hair some much-needed boost of hydration on a regular basis. Nourishing hair oils are the answer to all your hair woes. There’s one such hair oil that needs a special mention - Jaborandi hair oil!


What is jaborandi or arnica oil?

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

All those who have ever tried Homeopathic medicine will know that jaborandi (also known as arnica) is a perennial herb belonging to the sunflower family. Cultivated extensively in several areas of Europe and North America, jaborandi is being used for medicinal purposes since the 1500s and is commercially available in the form of ointments, topical creams, pills and even injections. Apart from that, jaborandi is an active ingredient used in shampoos, gels and even tonics. Jaborandi has impressive skin, hair and health benefits. From preventing hair loss and nourishing skin to relieving headaches and treating arthritis, jaborandi oil is the hero product you didn’t know your body needed.


Benefits of jaborandi hair oil

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

Jaborandi oil’s antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it one of those magnificently versatile oils that have the innate ability to moisturise your scalp and promote hair growth. There are countless benefits of using jaborandi oil on your hair. We’ve listed a few of them below:


- Say goodbye to hair loss

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

Hair loss is a common phenomenon in most women today. While losing 150-200 strands every day is absolutely normal, anything more than that is a cause for concern. Factors such as poor diet, heredity, stress and even over-styling can lead to major hair loss. While there are many natural ingredients out there that can help reduce hair loss, you will be surprised to know that Jaborandi hair oil is one of the best hair oils when it comes to treating this hair concern. Using jaborandi extract in your hair rejuvenates your scalp and stimulates hair follicles which in turn strengthens your hair and prevents it from falling prematurely.

However, this hair oil treatment will be beneficial only if you’re taking overall care of your health. As hair thrives on vitamins, proteins and iron, it is firstly important to increase your intake of essential nutrients. Foods such as leafy greens, beans, nuts, meats and sweet potatoes will fight hair loss. Secondly, massaging your scalp in the shower increases blood flow to the scalp which makes for a better environment for hair growth. Lastly, air-drying your hair is one of the best ways of combating hair loss. Hair-dryers and irons can cause breakage and thin, which is why you need to steer clear of these heat-styling tools post a hair-wash.


- Get rid of dandruff

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

Though a common scalp disorder, dandruff has the power to bring your hair game down drastically. With dandruff, hair-styling takes a complete backseat. That’s not all! Leaving your hair down can be extremely embarrassing too, especially when the dry skin flakes off of the scalp and falls on your shoulders, making dandruff very evident. What makes it worse is that dandruff causes the scalp to itch. Factors such as fungal infection, dry scalp, stress, hygiene and diet are the main causes of dandruff. While there are plenty of anti-dandruff shampoos that can help treat this hair concern, it is important that you pamper your hair before a wash. Jaborandi hair oil can be your best bet when it comes to treating dandruff.

Jaborandi hair oil cleanses the excess oil and sebum from the scalp, thereby leaving your hair naturally smooth and shiny. Since this hair oil helps remove dirt, grime and oil from the scalp, it also helps combat dandruff and itchiness. You will notice how pampering your hair with a regular dose of jaborandi hair oil will help prevent tangles and rough hair. For all those who’ve been looking at banishing dandruff woes forever; this at-home oil treatment is just what you need!


- Premature greying no more

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

Spotting the first greys while still in your 20s can be a dreadful sight. It means that you are a victim of premature greying. Due to high-stress levels and harsh environmental factors, greying has become a common phenomenon amongst young women of today. To prevent your hair from greying in your 20s, it’s important that you eat right, stress less, quite harsh shampoos and start oiling your hair regularly. While one can always cover grey hair with highlights, semi-permanent or permanent hair colour and hair care products, here’s a way to prevent your hair from greying prematurely.

Did you know? Jaborandi hair oil can save you from premature greying. Massaging the oil on your scalp from the root to tip will provide the required nutrition to your hair follicles, thereby nourishing your mane and keeping it hydrated, shiny and bouncy.


- Puts an end to split ends

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

Split ends are your hair’s worst enemy. While it is heartbreaking to see your hair develop tears and splits, it is even more disturbing to chop it all off. Factors such as sun damage, heat, grime, pollution and even the changing weather can take a serious toll on the health of your hair. Apart from that, over-washing your tresses, not oiling your hair enough, washing hair with very hot water and extensive use of chemical treatments can cause split ends in your hair. Natural ingredients such as egg yolk, ripe papaya and honey can help treat split ends. But here’s an easier and fuss-free way out! To put an end to split ends forever, you need to nourish your locks with a regular dose of jaborandi hair oil. This hair oil strengthens each and every strand and prevents split ends. Always remember to massage your scalp with Jaborandi hair oil before every wash. For effective results, leave the oil in your hair overnight and give it time to work on your locks. 


Nourishes scalp

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

When massaged with jaborandi oil, your scalp is thoroughly nourished and hair follicles rejuvenated to boost healthier hair growth. Massaging with jaborandi oil an hour prior to washing hair makes sure that your shampoo does not strip moisture from your hair and scalp. As a result, your wet hair is much easier to detangle and comb out. 


How to use jaborandi hair oil?

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

Depending on the length of your hair, take the required amount of jaborandi hair oil onto your palm and massage your scalp gently for about 12-15 minutes using your fingertips. For best results, apply the oil on your hair a night before and let the oil work its wonders overnight. Wash with cold water the next morning and you’ll be stunned with how the oil magically improves the overall health of your mane.


FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

FAQs about jaborandi oil benefits

1) How to wash off jaborandi oil from hair?

A. The best way to wash of jaborandi hair oil is with a mild, sulphate-free shampoo. Use the wash, rinse and repeat technique to get rid of all the oil from your tresses. Make sure to follow up with a conditioner to make up for any loss of moisture during the hair washing process. 

2) How often should you use jaborandi hair oil?

A. Jaborandi hair oil is best used twice a week, leaving the oil on your tresses overnight and washing it off the next day. Make sure to spend some time massaging your scalp with the oil for the best results. 

3) Does jaborandi hair oil regrow hair?

A. Jaborandi hair oil works to rejuvenate tired hair follicles and boost hair growth. Regular use can help regrow hair and maintain a healthy mane.  

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