If you're someone who has ever encountered hair fall or extreme hair loss, chances are that someone has, at some point, recommended mesotherapy. A technique that was first developed in 1952 to relieve pain, mesotherapy is now used to remove fat, reduce cellulite, fade wrinkles, tighten loose skin, and — you guessed it, treat hair fall. Mesotherapy for hair is a pretty common procedure now, although it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Something that promises to reduce hair fall and take care of hair loss sure needs to be thoroughly assessed and examined before it gets an expert stamp of approval. We too, were curious about the procedure, and decided to do a little investigating of our own — with the help of renowned celebrity dermatologist, aesthetic dermatologist, and trichologist, Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh. Ready to learn more about the fascinating procedure that promises to treat hair loss? Ahead, we're breaking down everything you need to know about mesotherapy for hair.


What is mesotherapy for hair?

What is mesotherapy for hair?

Put simply, mesotherapy for hair is a treatment method where you inject vitamins, minerals, and amino acid cocktails that are necessary for hair growth into the scalp. What this does is nourish the hair follicles to settle in the hair easily, thus thickening thin hair, stopping hair loss, and strengthening the hair.

Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh explains, "Mesotherapy is a technique where you give tiny drops of injections all over the scalp. There's a lot of different cocktails of injections available which are usually botanical extracts which consist of botanical stem cells' growth factor, and that promotes hair growth." If this sounds a little scary, there's no need to worry! While there are injections involved, you're only being injected with goodness — vitamins and minerals — that are required for hair growth and development.


How mesotherapy works for hair

How mesotherapy works for hair?

Listen, if you're someone who's terrified of needles, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that yes, you will be injected with needles, but the good news is that it's not very painful for the most part! According to Dr. Deshmukh, "Mesotherapy for hair controls the micro-inflammation that's around the hair follicles, which is responsible for hair fall. By controlling the micro-inflammation, it manages to stop hair loss. You can see results slowly, because, along with other vitamins, and sometimes medically prescribed treatments for hair fall, the procedure slows down hair fall and prevents hair loss."

If you really want to get technical here, the procedure itself involves injecting nutrient-rich liquid into the mesoderm of the scalp. A special mesotherapy gun is generally used for the procedure, which is used to inject the cocktail into your scalp. Thankfully, since the liquid contains tissue-friendly materials, the procedure is also generally considered safe as it doesn't normally cause allergic reactions. You need around eight sittings with weekly intervals to see results, but when you do — it's definitely worth it!


Who can benefit from mesotherapy for hair

Who can benefit from mesotherapy for hair?

Literally, anyone who's experiencing hair fall! While the treatment was originally prescribed for those with alopecia, which is a condition where there is a partial or complete absence of hair from certain areas of the body, anyone who's experiencing hair loss can benefit from mesotherapy. "Those who are losing strands of hair, thanks to hair fall, can definitely benefit from mesotherapy for hair," explains Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh.

"But those who are going bald, or those who have a genetic pattern for hair loss, it's probably not going to be effective for them," she continues. This is because the treatment only stimulates inactive bulbs and nourishes hair follicles — it can't regenerate hair altogether. Additionally, people who are pregnant or have skin ailments, dermal inflammations, diabetes or haemophilia should stay away from the treatment, since it may hamper and deteriorate their health.


What are the advantages of mesotherapy?

What are the advantages of mesotherapy?

There are a bunch of benefits to mesotherapy for hair, which have only increased the popularity of the treatment.

1. It's effective

If you were curious about the efficacy of the treatment, we're glad to report that it definitely works! "Mesotherapy is definitely effective for hair fall. In fact, when we combine it with PRP, that is platelet-rich plasma, the efficacy and effectiveness is far superior," elaborates Dr. Deshmukh.

2. It's safe and painless

Compared to more invasive, surgical treatments, mesotherapy is definitely a safer alternative when it comes to tackling hair loss. Plus, it generally leaves no damage to the surrounding tissue, and does the job it's meant to.

3. It enhances scalp immunity

Apart from reviving hair follicles, mesotherapy for hair allows the scalp to be rejuvenated too. The procedure of puncturing using the injections allows the development of new blood vessels, and therefore manages to rejuvenate your scalp that will ensure your hair grows longer, shinier, and thicker.

4. It reduces scalp inflammation

As mentioned, mesotherapy for hair controls the micro-inflammation in the scalp. So if you've been experiencing dandruff or itchiness, you can be assured that mesotherapy will take care of it all, and revive your scalp into being healthier.


Are there any side effects to the procedure?

Are there any side effects to the procedure?

If you're going to a trained practitioner, there aren't many side effects to mesotherapy for hair. In fact, since it's non-invasive, most people are able to return to their regular activities right after getting the procedure! According to Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh, "There really are no side effects to the procedure as such. There may be some discomfort or pain, but that can be taken care of with anaesthetic creams.

However, if you're allergic to any of the ingredients, then there may be some itching — but on the whole, there's nothing to worry about." So, if you're planning on going for the procedure? Make sure you inform your practitioner about any allergies you may have, since that could help you avoid some discomfort.


Precautions before or after the procedure

Should one take any precautions before or after the procedure?

While there isn't very high maintenance post-procedure care required after undergoing mesotherapy for hair, there are a few things to keep in mind once you've gotten the treatment. First of all, you need to avoid sun exposure (especially direct to the scalp) after the treatment, since contact with the sun can cause allergic reactions. Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh's advice for post-procedure care is also super helpful; she says, "After the procedure, don't wash your hair on the same day. And definitely don't apply any hair colour prior to the treatment, or after the procedure too."

Apart from that, take note of any allergic reactions that occur after the treatment since being even a little careless can land you in a whole world of trouble. Avoid alcohol for the next 48 hours, and if your doctor's recommended any creams for post-procedure care, be sure to take them!

While the procedure may seem intimidating, it's actually not that scary since it's non-invasive and easy to carry out. Patients who undergo mesotherapy for hair regrowth generally experience minimal pain and barely any discomfort, especially compared to surgical procedures, thus making it an easy solution to get rid of excessive hair fall. It's a great procedure if you want to improve the quality and health of your hair as well, and you can be assured that if you do decide to go for it, it'll give you the desired results.