10 Hairstyles For Oily Hair So You Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
10 hairstyles for oily hair so you never have a bad hair day again

Oily hair struggles are real. Flat-looking hair, greasy roots and clumpy wisps falling on your face can seriously bring down your beauty game. Not cute. That being said, a girl can’t (and shouldn’t, for many reasons) wash her hair every darn day. Nor should she go about her day with her hair looking an oily mess. While dry shampoo and hair accessories can really come to your rescue, it is your hairstyle that really makes or breaks the situation. A good hairstyle can cover your dirty roots and turn your unwashed hair into a stylish ‘do.  You just gotta pick the right hairstyle for your oily mane.

Well, luckily, there are super sneaky and genius hairstyles for oily hair that can camouflage your dirty tresses and help you fake a good hair day, and we have listed them out here for you. Before you think that these oily hairstyles must be those boring buns and braids, we’d like to tell you that you are wrong! We have handpicked some of the best hairstyles that are stunning and chic and suitable for every occasion, be it a black tie affair or a casual luncheon with your girls. So, the next time you are heading out with third day hair, take some time to style your hair in one of these five hairstyles for greasy hair


1. Wavy ponytail

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Ponytails are unbelievably versatile and that’s why every girl loves this hairstyle. From workout to work, you can just pull your hair into a ponytail and get going. It’s cute and classy and what’s more, is that it hides your greasy roots like magic, which makes it the perfect hairstyle for oily hair. So, on the days your hair looks oily and you have to show up for an office meeting or a glam event, don’t think twice and pull off this gorgeous sleek ponytail.

Step 1: Brush your hair and create a dramatic side parting.

Step 2: Take a fine-toothed comb and brush your hair back. Pull your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a clear hair tie at the nape of your neck.

Step 3: Style the ponytail in soft curls to add a glam factor and spritz hairspray to hold the curls. 

Step 4: Spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and tame any baby hair and flyaways.


2. Pinned up

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Looking for a no-fuss hairstyle to rock on a casual day out, brunch or shopping spree with your friends? This gorgeous hairstyle can save the day. It is one of the simplest hairstyles for oily hair that requires minimum effort (believe us) and will take some ten minutes to create, so you can try it when you are in a rush. All you need is your hair straightener, hairbrush and a tiny little barrette. 

Step 1: Style your hair in poker-straight locks using your flat iron. You can go with wavy and curly hair as well, but it looks better with straight hair. 

Step 2: Brush and part your hair down from the centre, dividing it into two equal sections. 

Step 3: Next, slide in the hair clip or barrette on each side of your hair right above your ears.

Step 4: Brush your hair once again and finish with a mist of hairspray.


3. Braided half bun

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Who doesn’t love braids, right? And, who doesn’t love buns? Well, what if we told you there is a tip for hairstyle for oily hair that combines both these stunning hairdos into one chic ‘do? Braided, half-up buns (aka 'huns') are a sneaky way to turn those greasy locks into a delicately done hairstyle and fetch you some compliments. Here is how you can get this braided hairstyle in five easy steps.

Step 1: Apply hair mousse for some volume and texture in your hair.

Step 2: Create a centre parting and braid both sections in a loose French or Dutch braid, whichever you like, till the back of your head.

Step 3: Secure the braids and tug and pull at the strands to make them flatter and fuller.   

Step 4: Wrap these braids into a bun and place it atop your head at the crown. Secure with a bunch of bobby pins.

Step 5: Style the rest of your hair in gorgeous curls and finish with hairspray.


4. Boxer braids

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

What’re the uncomplicated oily hairstyles that are totally in trend right now, look badass and have become a celeb-favourite recently? No points for guessing—it is double Dutch braids or boxer braids. This gym hairstyle has become one of the trendiest casual hairstyles to sport and is perfect for oily hair. Try this braid style to hide the dirty hair while looking cute-as-can-be.

Step 1: Brush your hair and create a centre parting.

Step 2: Starting from the left section, braid your hair in a Dutch braid, starting a couple of inches away from the hairline.

Step 3:  Braid your hair, gathering hair strands as your go along, till you reach the middle of your hair.

Step 4: Secure the braid with a hair tie and repeat the same with the right section as well.

Step 5: Pull out some loose wisps from the front for face-framing flicks and style them into soft curls.


5. Knotted bun

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

While a regular bun may give away the fact that you are having a bad hair day, a knotted bun can make everyone believe otherwise. You can put your oily mane to use and rock this sleek knotted bun like a pro. It hides the oily mess, is easy to do and looks oh-so-glamorous. Take a look at an easy tutorial on how to master this bun.

Step 1: Take a generous amount of hair gel in your palms and run it through your hair.

Step 2: Create a centre parting and pull your hair in a ponytail. Place it in the middle of your head at the back and secure it with a clear hair tie.

Step 3: Divide the ponytail into two sections and tie them into a knot. Don’t pull the strands all the way till the hair tie so there is some gap between the knot and hair tie. 

Step 4: Make another knot under the previous one and repeat this a few times till you are left with 1-2 inches of your hair in the end.

Step 5: Secure these knots with elastic bands and wrap the knotted ponytail into a bun.

Step 6: Use bobby pins to hold the bun in place and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

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6. Rope-like ponytail

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Not up for a braid? Fret not, there is a ponytail version of it. Let us tell you how to amp up your mane in a few steps, and create one of the best hairstyles for oily hair when you do not have much time on hand. It’s quick and easy.

Step 1: Tie your hair into a simple high ponytail.

Step 2: Take more hair ties and divide the pony into more sections.

Step 3: Fluff up each section and stretch it a bit to add volume

And you are done. Add a bounce to your hair and to your step and you will never have a bad hair day.

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7. Bun braid

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

When your hair is greasy, even buns can’t save it. But here is one of those hairstyles for oily hair wherein even a bun can look fresh and vibrant. Let us tell you how you can make the best of a braided bun in a few, easy steps, even when your hair isn’t feeling up to it.

Step 1: Tie your hair into a simple high ponytail

Step 2: Take half the hair and wrap it into a bun around the hair tie

Step 3: Braid the other half 

Step 4: Tie the braid around your bun and fix using pins

Easy and stylish, you have a braided bun even on a bad hair day.

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8. Top ponytail

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Greasy hair may look like it has stolen all the shine and lustre, but can be managed. Sleek ponies are never out of fashion. Do it with your current hair. Make a top ponytail.

Step 1: Take all your hair, combed and sleek, to the highest comfortable point of your scalp

Step 2: Fasten it securely using your best hair-tie.

Step 3: Try combing out a few loose strands to frame your face.

Cool, casual, and vibrant, sleep top ponytails look extremely stylish.

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9. The French braid top knot

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Top knots are easy and can save any bad hair day. But how to make them interesting? We have a way. Add a French braid. Yes, it is a bit of work but the end result is simply spectacular.

Step 1: Flip all your hair upside down and comb through to avoid tangles.

Step 2: French braid your hair from the neck nape till the middle of the hair’s length and secure with a hair tie.

Step 3: Tie your hair into a bun and pin the remaining hair.

This is one chic hairdo that you should definitely try.

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10. Side braid

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When you are having a bad hair day, braids always come to the rescue. This one is easy to create and easier to manage. You too can rock it just like Selena Gomez is doing in this picture.

Step 1: Take all your hair to one side.

Step 2: Comb out to remove tangles and take a few strands out to delicately frame the face.

Step 3: Braid the rest of the hair. Try keeping it a little loose for comfort.

And you are done. Side braids are pretty and go with all outfits, but are especially amazing with Indian looks.

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FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

FAQ on hairstyles for oily hair

Q. How to hide greasy hair without dry shampoo?

A. If you do not have a dry shampoo in hand, you can use various hairstyles to hide your greasy hair. Take a cue from the hairstyles above if you have long hair. For some more interesting hairstyles, check out this link.

Q. Why does my hair become greasy so quickly?

A. There are a few reasons why your hair may be getting greasier more quickly than usual. One of the most common reasons is over-shampooing your hair. Stress is another reason. Using too much conditioner or serum can also lead to overly greasy hair. Also, remember to regularly wash your hairbrush.

Q. How to remove oil from hair without shampoo?

A. When you need a quick fix, washing your hair with shampoo isn’t always the most practical solution. In that case, here are a few tips and tricks to give your greasy hair an instant boost, without using a shampoo. You can also check out a few greasy hair hacks for quick getaways.

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