Ask someone who lives with frizzy hair and you would get the same answer, it takes constant maintenance. A permanent home to flyaways that are often worrisome and bothersome, frizzy hair takes a lot more from you apart from just the usual routine of oiling and washing. There are tons of products to choose from and advice galore for the same. But what about those days when you want to have a good, sleek hairdo? How do you pull that off? What products and what tips and tricks will work then? Fret not, we are here with the best haircuts for frizzy hair that will definitely be of use to you. 

Styling the frizz will never be an issue again. Here are some of the best haircut styles for frizzy hair that will make life a little easier for you. 

The 7 Best Haircuts for Frizzy Hair     

1. A long wavy bob 

haircuts for frizzy hair middle length blonde hair

If you're looking for some low maintenance haircuts for frizzy hair and are worried about frizz, opt for a long, wavy bob. When worn loose and messy, this style looks great, requiring little maintenance. 

2. A textured bob 

haircuts for frizzy hair bob brunette

You can add volume to fine, straight hair and hide frizz by having your hairdresser cut you a textured bob, which is a little messier and more likely to have a little bit of flyaways. It is no doubt one of the best haircuts for thin wavy frizzy hair. 

3. A face-framing long-layered cut 

haircuts for frizzy hair blonde wavy

It is easy to tame frizz with long layers while maintaining the "messy" look. Layers prevent your hair from being too straight, so frizz is less noticeable, and it will naturally grow out with time. For girls with busy schedules, this is an excellent wash-and-wear hairstyle! It's certainly the best haircut for wavy frizzy hair out there! 

4. A shoulder-length shag 

haircuts for frizzy hair long bob brunette

A shag haircut is a great way to scream "I woke up like this" with a sultry, feminine look. Best of all, your frizz will disappear too since it’s one of the best haircuts for wavy frizzy hair. 

5. Side-swept bangs/fringe 

haircuts for frizzy hair long bob brunette bangs

Despite what you might think, longer and side-swept bangs can actually give frizzy hair a textured and cool look. A few sprays of salt and a drizzle of hair oil will give your hair the beachy look. 

6. Bangs/fringe and waves 

haircuts for frizzy hair long blonde bangs

There is a reason why bangs and waves are the ultimate French-girl hairstyle. Thanks to your hair texture, this cut will give you a carefree and young look and this is the reason it is the best haircut for frizzy hair. 

7. A pixie cut 

haircuts for frizzy hair short brown bangs

If you are looking for short haircuts for frizzy hair, this is your style. The combination of frizzy hair and pixie cuts might not seem like a good match, but it actually works quite well, and it's quite trendy at the moment. 

The 9 Best Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair   

1. Messy high ponytail 

haircuts for frizzy hair long brown pony

All you need is the right products, combine it with the right way of styling and you are done. This is one messy, but not fussy hairstyle that will definitely suit you whether you are getting ready for a formal event or an informal one. 


  • Take a volumising mousse, a paddle brush, a hair elastic and a texturising spray. 

  • Wash your hair and when it is partially dry, apply the spray and the mousse. 

  • Brush your hair backwards and tie it into a loose ponytail. 

  • Divide your ponytail into two parts and pull them outwards, adding volume at the crown. 

  • Puff up the ponytail with your hands. 

2. Side ponytail 

haircuts for frizzy hair long blonde pony bangs

Well, want a nerdy look without having to try too hard? This one’s the hairstyle to go for. It will make your frizzy flyaways look smart. 


  • Take a hair elastic and a texturising spray. 

  • The best cut to go for is long bangs here. 

  • Create a middle parting and tie your hair in a messy side ponytail. 

3. Puff ponytail 

haircuts for frizzy hair long brown pony

Now, this one is perfect if you have fine and frizzy hair and want to add a little volume via your hairstyle. All you gotta do is follow a few steps and you’d be done. 


  • Take a sectioning clip, a teasing comb, a normal comb, a few hair elastics, bobby pins and a texturising spray. 

  • Wash your hair and wait for it to partly dry. 

  • Apply the spray. 

  • Towards your temple, section the hair with approximately an inch of difference. 

  • Take the remaining hair and tease using the teasing comb. 

  • Now unclip the sectioned hair and smooth that part over the already teased hair. 

  • Now gather the smooth hair to pin it at the back of the head. 

  • Tie the entire length into a high ponytail and you are done. 

4. Fishtail braid 

haircuts for frizzy hair long blonde fishtail braid

Have two-day-old hair and running out of time? Let this hairstyle come to the rescue of your partly oily and mostly-in-trouble frizzy hair. It will not take much time and would ensure that you still end up looking like an absolute stunner. 


  • Take a few hair elastics and a texturising spray. 

  • Use liberal amounts of texturising spray. 

  • Now take all your hair on one side to make a loose ponytail. 

  • Divide the ponytail into two sections. 

  • Pick a thin section that falls on the outside of one section and place it on the inside of the second section. 

  • Do the same with the opposite side. 

  • Do this till you complete the braid. 

  • Secure using a hair elastic and remove the one you used at the top to fasten the ponytail. 

5. Dutch braid bun 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair bun

Well, frizzy hair and buns don’t exactly sound good together. Ask a person with frizzy hair and they would be able to recount the horrors better. But we have found a way out of it. Yes, now you can not only rock a bun but a gorgeous Dutch braided one. Let’s tell you how. 


  • You need a couple of things. 

  • Get a texturising spray, a few hair elastics, some bobby pins and a hair spray that would hold the style Now use the texturising spray over washed and dried hair. 

  • Part your hair in the middle. 

  • Take about two inches of hair from the temple, towards the top area of the left section and Dutch braid it and secure it when you are done. 

  • Do this for the other side as well. 

  • Roll one braid into a bun and secure it with pins. 

  • Roll the second braid into a bun and lay it over the first bun. 

  • Spray to hold. 

6. Four-strand braid 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair long braid

Sounds a little different from the traditional braid, doesn’t it? Well, we assure you that it looks different and more alluring too. Only if you do it just the way we tell. 


  • Take a few hair elastics and a texturising spray. 

  • Wash and dry your hair and then apply the spray Part your hair to one side to tie it in a low ponytail. 

  • Divide this ponytail into four sections. 

  • Take the section closest to your face and flip it over the next section, under the next one, and over the next one. 

  • Repeat the steps till the braid is completed and secure it with an elastic. 

  • Remove or cut off the elastic used to fasten the pony in the first place. 

  • You can pull out a few strands or let your flyaways do the trick. 

7. Spiral curls 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair curls

Why not? Well, the frizz does give your hair quite a voluminous look already, but why not try something better with curls? This hairstyle is surely going to turn heads. 


  • Take a heat protectant product, a curling iron, a few bobby pins and a finishing spray. 

  • Wash your hair and then apply the heat protectant all over once the hair dries. 

  • Comb and part your hair towards aside, take two sections at a time, and curl. 

  • Now use a gentle sweep to take your hair back and pin it. 

  • Add a hair spray to lock the look. 

8. High ponytail 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair pony

High ponytails never disappoint, even with frizzy hair. But you have to do it in a way that it does not cause you headaches and your scalp does not feel like it is on fire due to all the tension of the pulled-back hair. Ready to unlock the magic? Let’s go. 


  • Take a smoothening serum, a comb, some elastics and pins. 

  • Wash and dry your hair and then apply the serum. 

  • Comb all the hair to form a top ponytail. 

  • Take around half a section and wrap it around the elastic that is holding the ponytail. 

  • Use a bobby pin to secure. 

9. Sleek side ponytail 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair pony

A sleek and messy ponytail is a hit anyway. Your frizzy hair often wants to escape and this is a good style to show off their natural texture. You would be free of worry and the frizz would be free of being tied down. 


  • Take a sea salt spray and a few elastics. 

  • Apply the spray on your entire hair and then part it in the middle. 

  • Take all the hair and bring it over your shoulder. 

  • Tie it into a loose ponytail. 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair wash tresemme

Now that you know about the different haircuts and hairstyles for frizzy hair, it’s time for your ultimate haircare routine. To get rid of the frizz and keep your hair frizz-free for upto 48 hours use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo. It contains Keratin and Argan Oil that leaves your hair visibly straight and smoother. The shampoo nourishes each strand of your hair making them silky smooth and easier to manage. 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair conditioner tresemme

Follow it up with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner which conditions and strengthens your hair ad provides them with the hydration and elasticity they need. It makes your hair up to 100% smoother and give them extra shine. When you use it with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo, it controls frizz for up to 3 amazing days helping you tame your frizz and giving you silky, smooth hair. 

haircuts for frizzy hair brown hair serum tresemme

And lastly, use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum that is infused with Keratin and Camellia Oil that help your hair restore its keratin leaving them visibly straight and smoother. This serum nourishes each strand of your hair making them silky smooth and easier to manage. 

FAQs about Best Haircuts for Frizzy Hair  

What is the cause of my frizzy hair? 

A number of factors can cause frizz, including environmental factors, fiber diameter, curl level, and amount of damage. When it comes to the prevention of frizz, it is best to avoid long showers, too much exfoliation, and using hot tools such as traditional blow dryers and flat irons. 

Do I need to cut my frizzy hair? 

The short haircut works wonders for frizzy or dry hair, if you don't add tons of short layers and keep the length on the longer side. 

Can layered hair reduce frizz? 

In thick, wavy, or curly hair that is frizzy, you can trim it short to thin it out and keep the poof at bay. A good razor cut can give you a beautiful result.